Devil May Cry Trademark Pops Up, Sequel Announcement for PS4, Xbox One, and PC Imminent?

Junkie Monkeys: We have discovered that Capcom has recently registered a trademark for Devil May Cry.

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Nyxus2616d ago

If they make a new game I hope they go back to classic style Devil May Cry.

Treezy5042616d ago

That would be nice if Capcom would actually listen to fan feedback.

Godmars2902616d ago

Because they've given every indication of doing such in the past. Rather than go as far as to blame fan feedback for a game failure or cancellation.

abzdine2616d ago

dmc is a very good game, but the look of Dante is really terrible.
bring back the original one or at least Nero with the same gameplay

minimur122616d ago

I wouldn't ind a PS Vita DmC, I heard there was one for PSP but I think it was in the early days where it wasn't too popular and it was cancelled :(

Conzul2616d ago

I just finished DmC since it was on PS+. I rather liked it, but I can appreciate how a big change in character look would piss some people off.

I can't imagine how pissed I would have been if SP had gone with that "new" Cole for inFamous 2.

DragonKnight2616d ago

@Godmars: The difference between then and now is that Capcom literally can't afford to piss off the fanbase this time. They simply don't have the money to absorb another flop like DmC was for them.

Lord_Sloth2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Just throwing this out there. Capcom has already stated they were pulling their resources back to internal development and Itsuno wants to make DMC5.

UltimateMaster2616d ago

If it ain't the classic Devil May Cry Dante.
Don't buy it, let Capcom go under and go bankrupt.
Maybe then the next person in charge would treat their fan base better.

Godmars2902616d ago

No, pretty sure during their last stock meeting, they blamed fans for the general failure of the new direction of the RE series. Said that we were too old.

Sevir2615d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed DmC:Devil May Cry! The world made sense, it was cohesive, and the characters gave some pretty believable and meaningful performance!

The pacing was great, and the combo system while simple did feel pretty rewarding when attempting ing the cancels and reversal counters!

NT + Capcom please make it happen on PS4... A DmC:Devil May Cry 2 at 1080 60fps PS4 on Panta Rhei, or UE4!

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sonic9892616d ago

advice for capcom :
Delete that WESTERNIZED style and story all together and return to the main thing master it evolve it .
other than that thank you

PaleMoonDeath2616d ago

.. We still need a game with Sparda as they main character, the prequel of prequels, :(

ZombieKiller2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Please no Ninja Theory....
Please no Ninja Theory....
Please no Ninja Theory....
Please no Ninja Theory....
Please no Ninja Theory....
Please no Ninja Theory....
Please no Ninja Theory....
Please no Ninja Theory....
Please no Ninja Theory....

(Edited @ 9 agrees and 1 disagree...not pulling a fast one)
I want a Devil May Cry not a DmC. I know some people thought it was good, and I agree TO AN EXTENT, that being that I see WHY some people might like it a bit, but this was not the Devil May Cry I have known since RE Code Veronica's demo disc.
I don't need another video showing the similarities either (whoever posted that last time, thank you but that's not my point). Please just bring back the series Japanese roots, white haired Dante (by white haired, I mean the ORIGINAL Dante attitude, Ruben Langdon, the calm collect DANTE...not DUNTE with white hair) and lets have some devs that actually have a clue about the series this time.

I say give it to Platinum Games....

CryofSilence2616d ago

Yes. Platinum games would be ideal with old Dante.

christocolus2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I liked the reboot alot more than the classic dmc. I hope they continue with that using the pantha rhei engine.

ABizzel12616d ago

Presentation easily goes to DmC, the concept of limbo being the demonic dimension sells that verse so well (are we going to get a angelic limbo this time?).

Gameplay however, easily goes to Capcom. DmC was fine, but I want DMC gameplay when I play Devil May Cry, not Heavenly Sword 2.0 (although I would love a new Heavenly Sword Sony).

Combine the two and we have the best DMC yet, IMO.

It would be best to offer two skins so gamers can play as Old Dante and New Dante so there's no complaints. Plus I like both of them.

ABizzel12616d ago


I'm hoping for a hybrid of the two 80% original, 20% new. DmC brought some good ideas that sell the believability of DMC. Limbo just makes sense and should become part of the franchise from now on, demons in control of politics (makes sense in the real world too), angel / demon hybrid for more unique weapons (I enjoyed the angel weapons).

Other than that everything else can go back the way it was especially gameplay.

As long as Capcom is in control of the gameplay I'll be happy. If it's a definitive edition (which it likely is) I'm guessing 1080p @ 60fps + DLC. Hopefully they learn from Square's Tomb Raider incident and sell it for $40 as a GOTY edition normally would.

SaturdayNightBeaver2616d ago

slim are the chances for that, i bet its going even more casual this time.

-Foxtrot2616d ago

Maybe a DMC game thats actually a DMC game

dmc was crap, it was an inferior DMC game in every way yet it got better scores then DMC4.

I mean WTF.....sorry say what you want about my silly tin foil hat but something is going on there, especialy when all of a sudden the month before it came out journalists suddenly started to defend it despite not saying anything about it the 2 years it was being criticized. Oh don't forget the majority of big site reviews sounding all the same and talked more about the so called "haters" then the actual game it's self

Seriously they better go back to DMC and forget about dmc.

Ninja Theory should not be allowed it after what they did to it, they were so disrespectful.

ABizzel12616d ago

Because it wasn't crap as you say.

I completely agree gameplay-wise it was nothing like a traditional DMC, but overall the game was still good and enjoyable. There were some good ideas there, unfortunately Capcom didn't do the combat (thus Heavenly Sword 2.0 was the combat) and Unreal Engine was used instead of Capcom's which resulted in many of the technical issues.

If Capcom can take DmC's ideas, with their own engine, bring back DMC gameplay, and offer both Dante skins for both fans then DMC 5 should be the best in the franchise.

sonic9892616d ago

off topic :
woow fox your comment is just perfect btw is that tails on your avatar just asking
on topic :
yeah i saw most of the reviews they were talking more about what the old ( whining ) fans will do when they see this or that , and didnt truly review the game based on what it did offer .
its simple personally i wont buy a DmC game i will buy a Devil May Cry game

-Foxtrot2616d ago


Thank You

Yeah exactly, thats what most of them said. I felt like the other half of the good reviews just forget what a DMC game was supposed to be like

Hey people can like it but when it's got something to live up to then you can't give it better scores then the last game which was better. It has a name to live up to

Oh and is Tails :)

vallencer2616d ago

It got better review scores then 4 because well, 4 was complete crap. The ONLY good thing about 4 was Nero. The whole game was just a backtrack of things you already did as Nero and they were worse as Dante. No devilbringer as Dante was the worst decision ever. I also understand he couldn't have that but why not give him something with reach to bring things close to him.

Oh and I'm a huge fan of the new DmC game but I also really like the old ones too so sue me.

DanteVFenris6662615d ago


Just had to add in Dante had a devil trigger In dmc 4. I think dmcs gameplay was the best, both characters were fun. But yea level design was poor on Dante parts because they were previous places

ZombieKiller2615d ago

@Abizzel: You say there were good ideas. Which ones were you thinking of?
I didn't see any good ideas come from DMC that weren't used already in the previous games.

Maybe the Angel/Demon weapons but honestly, with the enemies only taking damage from certain weapons, all that was doing was forcing you to play a certain way. Taking away from the freedom of combat.
We went from 60FPS to 30FPS
We went from clean crisp textures to dirty, slimy nasty ones.
Dante was easy to control, now he stumbles.
No lock on.

That's to name a few. To tell you the truth, I feel like we lost alot with NT making this one.

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CryofSilence2616d ago

Let the new Dante die and disappear.

noctis_lumia2616d ago

he got the white hair at the end of the game everybody was crying about so whats the prob this time ?

CryofSilence2616d ago

White hair doesn't change his personality.

Muffins12232616d ago

Honestly besides the shitty script and characters in the reboot,the story was actually nice in it and the game play was fucking awesome.If they do make a sequel just keep the characters more like the last ones and a better script writer and it will be perfect.

GetRealOne2616d ago

What is not classic about the title from ninja theory? Perhaps you don't like DMC any more and somebody else is guilty. The Character looks like Dante, you can see it in Chapter one in the hair scene. The gameplay is totally DMC. The Game was nearly perfect. What you are complaining about?

RAAMzilla2615d ago

Forgive the apparent willy-waving, but having beaten every mission of every DMC with an S rank (excluding DMC2) I still found the DmC reboot to be better and more enjoyable than the classic series. Think what You will of Ninja Theory, but I felt that they delivered an excellent game.

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Relientk772616d ago

Sweet bring on another Devil May Cry

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2616d ago

Hopefully they continue with the DmC storyline. This time it won't be outsourced but they can still follow that same storyline.

rezzah2616d ago

I hope they don't.

Bring back the original.

We still have unfinished business with Nero.

ZombieKiller2616d ago

Rezzah I would love that. I wish they would ressurect Virgil after DMC4 and create team attacks with Dante, Virgil, and Nero.

Then make in 3 player co-op.
Dante, Nero, Vigil tag team combos would be awesome.

Bhuahahaha2616d ago

and i would like to see more scene for lady

Salooh2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

You are always against people wishes. Devil. XD

Just kidding with you ^^

Salooh2616d ago

Ok , you guys too serious, no messing with you xP

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listenkids2616d ago

Enjoyed the reboot myself, I think the ending was too open to not progress with a sequel.

kx112616d ago

i only loved the reboot

the old DMC titles felt tasteless and silly

listenkids2615d ago

So many kids on this "site"

WillGuitarGuy2616d ago

Cue the infamous DMC scene!