Wii U's X Aims To Destroy Xbox One, PS4

Gaming Blend "A new trailer for Monolith Soft's X has been unleashed and it features giant mechs, giant monsters, cool special attacks, amazing graphics and all the power of the Wii U jam packed into a true next-gen title."

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tigertron2675d ago

In no way whatsoever does this game look like a PS4 killer.

Whoever wrote this is either joking or being delusional.

stuna12675d ago

The sad thing is that the ones disagreeing truly believe this can happen, which makes this more than a difference of opinion! To them this fits into to their realm of possibility however delusional and bizarre it may be.

You only have to read my comment below to see I wasn't trying to slag the game or the WII U, to see fact facts have no bearings on a truly delusional mind.

UltimateMaster2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

"killer" or "destroy" is a harsh words.
"Appealing" to the PS4 and Xbox One gamers, for sure.

This game would make those gamers to buy the console to play that game.
You just need much more of them.

xHeavYx2674d ago

Flamebait title to get some hits, nothing to see here

Eonjay2674d ago

Agreed. It looks really good. And it makes me want a Wii U one day. But it doesn't make me want my PS4 any less. This game will do more to help the Wii U than it will to hurt PS4.

ShugaCane2674d ago


Bubble for you. Exactly my thoughts. The game looks cool as hell.

AsimLeonheart2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

They show a video of shooting a gorilla for 5 minutes and people like the author of the article go full retard. Most of the people were actually disappointed with the boring battle and cluttered interface with all the damage numbers. The were no solid details about gameplay, story,world design and characters. There wasn't even a release quarter let alone a release date and we get this kind of stupid article. Xeno games have never been killer apps or system sellers.They are excellent games but only niche titles (have been playing Xeno games since 1998). Just check the sales and significance of all the past Xeno games and you will know the future of this game.

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360ICE2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Yeah, it's an awful title on a lame article. I think N4G should be more strict about this, but there I go again talking about crazy concepts like journalistic integrity instead of thinking about CLICKS.

Tito082674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Funny is that it's written by the same fool that wrote "Mario Kart Outselling PS4 in Japan" lol.

360ICE2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )


I think Cinema Blend isn't all bad, but could people please rate this down? Just press their name under "Read full story"

N4G should use that feature more actively.

Highlife2674d ago

I would if they would add it to their mobile site.

Shnazzyone2673d ago

First they'd have to reign in every nintendo doom article for that to make sense.

360ICE2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

No, but we should reign in Nintendo-doom article that don't make sense, were poorly written or seemed like examples of bad journalism, just like with any article.

If I get you right, you think I'm saying that I want this pro-Nintendo bullcrap gone, and then you're replying that we should remove all the anti-Nintendo bullcrap first. Well, that's kind of a pathetic fanboyish outlook. What I'm saying is simply that we should remove the bullcrap, regardless of theme.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2674d ago

I don't think it's gonna kill anything, but I'm buying a Wii U for this game alone. So at the very least it's enough to convince some people to buy.

GordonKnight2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

This game will only make the hardcore RPG fans buy a Wii U. That's only if they haven't already bought one.

looks like Nintendo has stepped back into RPGs again and at full speed.

IMO: It's sad that FPS shooter fans are the majority in the gaming community. This is why PS4 is doing so good, It's got the most power and solid online support.

Kurisu2674d ago

Exactly haha, how can ONE game "destroy" a rival console? The PS4 has an amazing line up of games. X, however good I'm sure it will be, won't make up for a lack of games on the Wii U overall.

clouds52674d ago

What line up does the ps4 have exactly? Talking about delusional...

krazykombatant2673d ago

Is not lack of games on the WiiU that is the issue its the lack of hardware those games are moving.

GordonKnight2673d ago

The Wii U isn't lacking games, It's just lacking good online support. If you're all about FPS then why would you buy a Wii U?

Magicite2674d ago

This game looks amazing, but to call it a PS4 killer, dont make me laugh.

bryam19822674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

are they using the powaaa of the cloud for this game too??? cuz thats the reason xbones said the xbone.will.destroy the.ps4 lol what a big disappointment they will have then :-P

Baccra172674d ago

It's good to have dreams. Yes it'll never happen, but at least it's aiming for something.

WeskerChildReborned2674d ago

It looks really interesting but I sgree, I'm still more hyped for Second Son, 1886, and what will come in the near future.

geddesmond2674d ago

It's definitely not a PS4 killer but as an RPG player it looks pretty good. Might be worth picking up a Wii U for when they drop the price to 150 euros haha.

Geekman2674d ago

I've been defending the Wii U since before it came out, and even I know that one game can't destroy two consoles. We're talking about an excelled version of Xenoblade. Did Xenoblade destroy the PS3 and 360?

OldDude2674d ago

Not that I am saying Xeno destroyed the PS3 and 360, but you do realize that GameStop had sole rights to XenoBlade in the US and it was a very limited game right? Its sales would have been much higher if a respectable publisher had handled it.

Mystogan2674d ago

This game looks pretty boring if you ask me..

Justindark2674d ago

looks a hell of alot better then deep down. deep down should be named deep down into boredom this game looks amazing.

assdan2674d ago

hahaha. Well sorry to nintendo for the let down they're going to get. This game looks ok from what I've seen.

ninavoljic2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Because cinemablend editorial reports are garbage.

elninels2674d ago

I agree, definitely not a killer. It is a pity that it won't come to the ps4 or xbox one though. It looks rather fun and monolith does good work.

Won't be a system seller to me though.

Chrischi19882673d ago

It is a great game. Having said that, I wonder if these news come from a super dumb nintendo fanboy or a super dumb hater, who just wants to create more hate on this site...

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Kamikaze1352675d ago

It looks like a good game, but this person can't be serious,lol.

Muffins12232674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Nintendo fans are not really that well-in touch with the gaming community and do not realize how no one cares or revolves around nintendo like they do.Honestly this will do good in japan but if they think its gonna make the wiiu from worst selling console to best selling console then they are out of their mind. Dont even get me started if they think this is a system seller for north america LOL.Btw before you disagree on this comment nintendo fans,a system seller for me is when a bunch of people buy it.Not just you and your weird friends....

Concertoine2674d ago

You cant generalize an entire fanbase on one loony stereotype. There is an incredibly negligible small percentage of even the most devoted nintendo fanboys out there who believe this game can kill the competitions system, theyre the idiots. I interact with wii u owners all the time, most are rationally minded, intelligent and critical of nintendo.

Metallox2674d ago

As a Nintendo fan, I agree on everything you say. However, for me it's a little offensive that you call us "weird" people. We just play games, like you. Also, playing video games it's just for entertainment, to WASTE YOUR TIME, I wouldn't call that an important factor to call us weird people.

Justindark2674d ago

you mean nintendo fans aren't into bashing other gamers calling them man child, calling them 2nd rate gamers, saying every game sucks that isent nintendo, calling nintendo nintendy gods, attacking microsoft? honestly sony fans are by far the worst. lol but they are some out there but from this site alone they give sony fans a bad name just read the comments on this article.

Shnazzyone2673d ago

Why are you trolling nintendo fans? I didn't write this. Thanks for over generalising a ton of people. I hear sony fans are all 17 and under, have bad BO problems, and are illiterate. How does that feel?

Meanwhile, game does look cool. It's no destiny but dang, dem monsters are big.

Tito082673d ago

@Justindark "Wii U is going to have the definitive version of all your favorite games, the definitive version of w.e. Call Of Duty comes out, the definitive version of Assassin's Creed 3, the definitive version of Battlefield 3, the definitive version of Grand Theft Auto V,the Nintendo system will have the best version of your favorite games." How are any Sony fanboy going to beat such a ridiculous statement from that very dumb and idiotic Nintendo fanboy known as DrTre81, and he denied saying that when the proof is on the video.

I've encounter a couple of Nintendo fanboys, and these are bigger hypocrites and ignorants than both Sony and Microsoft fanboys combined, I mean, you guys complain about 3rd party games not coming to Wii U when you fools won't buy them anyways, asking for the same set of games since 1985, mostly Marios and Zeldas and brag about how these two are better than the entire game lineup on PS/XB, and how Nintendo "saved" the industry, and how the industry will "die" with Nintendo, and for every of Nintendo woes, you have to mention Sony or MS to win your sorry argument, and how you fools were attacking IGN PS team in the youtube comments for having a PS only conversation when you should have attacked the Nintendo team instead, and even one of them went as far as to say the stereo chip for NES was made by Miyamoto when in reality it was made by Ken Kutaragy when he worked at Sony in the early 90s, so tell me Justin, where does Sony/MS fanboys defeat Nintendo fanboys in the damage control department? Btw, by looking at your past comments, you sound like one of these fool, you're the only set of fanboys Michael Pachter enjoys making fun of.

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eaise2675d ago

This game could easily be in the competition for game of the year. It depends on what unannounced games end up coming out this year. But X is easily one of the best games coming out this year. Can't wait for it's release!

DanielGearSolid2675d ago

Are you atleast gonna play it before crowning it GOTY?

eaise2675d ago

I didn't say it was GOTY...I said it easily has potential. Based on who is making I can bet it will be just as good as it looks in the trailers if not better. Many other games come out this year though so I'm sure it will have a tough competition. Since when did being in the competition automatically mean I am crowning it?

Mr_Writer852674d ago

"But X is easily one of the best games coming out "

Yeah all those 10/10 reviews agree...

Oh wait...

360ICE2674d ago

Well, you might not have crowned it GotY, but to defend DanielGearSolid, you did say "But X is easily one of the best games coming out this year".

Agree it's one of the most intresting ones, but yeah, let's play it first.

eaise2674d ago

Okay I can see how my comment could have been confusing. I will for sure play it before i crown it GOTY. Guess i should have said "IMO it has potential to be GOTY"

LeonhartX2675d ago

While it's true that the game looks amazing i think it's a bit of an exaggeration to say that it will destroy PS4,Xbox One, in terms of visuals they are miles ahead, let's be realistic.

Muffins12232674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Lol i swear they cant!I feel like nintendo fans on here are the ones responsible for the retarded random disagrees for comments on N4G.

Geekman2674d ago

Naw, that's a little bit of everyone. While graphics don't matter and don't make a game better in the least, You still can't deny that one game can't destroy 2 consoles.

truechainz2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

lol stop generalizing. X looks awesome, but this writer is an idiot for using a sensationalist article like this. Looks like you are one too. I mean who still calls things retarded? You sound uneducated, and that is probably why you are getting random disagrees.

ZainreFang2674d ago

Lol, not miles. More like a mile.