PS4 Exclusive Deep Down’s New Gameplay Videos and Screenshots Show Amazing Action Combat And More

Today’s PS4 Lab broadcast aired on Nico Nico to promote the launch of the PS4 was focused on Capcom’s upcoming PS4 exclusive Deep Down, and to celebrate the occasion Producer Kazunori Sugiura introduced ssome very impressive new gameplay footage from the latest build and shown a few slides to introduce the game, some of which had screenshots that we didn’t see before.

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Jahbu3272d ago

Looks great! I wish we have audio though.

Abriael3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Unfortunately the only decent program I found that could record from nico nico couldn't catch the audio. It's not much of a loss though, as the gameplay actually didn't have its own audio, but just some generic music with Sugiura and the Manzai dude talking over it.

thekhurg3272d ago

This game looks like so much fun, but I'm scared to death it's going to be riddled with "pay us for such and such". I understand it's F2P, but hopefully it won't be intrusive to the game's experience.

Abriael3272d ago

@thekhurg: they compared it to a free to play MMORPG, which normally isn't too bad. I'm gonna wager that the pay to play part will be heavily focused around the player home.

morganfell3272d ago

Abriael, there is no worry over the audio. Thank you for locating this in the first place. Anyone that knows what they are witnessing will certainly be impressed.

PLASTICA-MAN3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Graphics look improved from TGS! Especially lighting !

cemelc3272d ago

Dont get me this the wrong way guys i only have ps4, but that is a clear rip off of dark souls/demon souls, even the ambient.

How is namco or sony not suing them?.

Btw looks aweome.

scott1823272d ago

This looks fantastic! Much more excited for this now.

Eonjay3272d ago

Considering you recorded this off of a Nico Nico stream I think it looks damn good. Can't wait to see more.

Jahbu3272d ago

Agreed! Thanks for the great vid!

Abriael3272d ago

@cemelc: This and the souls series don't play anywhere near similar.

They simply have a fairly realistic look for armor and equipment, but that just means that they "ripped off" history.

Gamehead---3272d ago

@cemelc Just knew there had to be one.

abstractel3272d ago

I think the game looks fantastic. The beautiful real-time global illumination (not baked), the subsurface scattering, the real-time fire fluid simulations etc. all make this the most technically advanced game I've seen yet. Very happy that it was delayed but still very sad that it's F2P. But thankfully they'll use this engine for other games.

Baka-akaB3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

"Dont get me this the wrong way guys i only have ps4, but that is a clear rip off of dark souls/demon souls, even the ambient. "

Except it's very easy to take it the wrong way .

It was silly when skyrim/elder scrolls fans reacted that way for the first Souls game or Dragon Dogma ... as if they had dibs on medieval fantasy , even in open worlds ..

It's still silly when , after successes and soon 3 Souls games , Souls fans now act as if it invented the genre , and everything was a rip off .

cemelc3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Thats why i told you ppl, that dont take it the wrong way, i love the soul series got platinum on demon souls ps3 and im working my way to finish dark souls (only the king left).

But the way the character moves, the lightning, the realistic aproach, etc, they are all present in dark and demon.

I will play the game, but its not inspired, its clearly taken from it.

As i stated b4 i only have ps4 and ps3 even if i was a fanboy i would be on sony side so...

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Flipgeneral3272d ago

Great indeed!

im worried about how they plan on implementing a freetoplay model though. Ie. If its pay2win or if the purchases will surpass the value of $60.

still, since the PS4's unveiling a year ago (a year already???) This has been my most anticipated!

Ashunderfire863272d ago

Acutally on February 20 it will be a year, because that's when they first revealed it last year.

3-4-53272d ago

Parts of it look really good, other parts look not so hot.

The Frame rate was really choppy or low, but I"m assuming it will improve before release.

FamilyGuy3272d ago

The frame rate issues are related to the video itself, it was a recording of a stream. The game itself runs in 60fps.

AaronPS3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Looks great. Cannot wait to play it myself

maniacmayhem3272d ago


Looks cool, but I'm still not a fan of the F2P model. I would like to know how they are going to implement it in this game.

Talidan3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

It looks like it's oozing with atmosphere.

And in some areas, actual ooze.

krontaar3272d ago

I still don't understand why this is free to play.

press-start3272d ago

yup i think they should just make it a full blown game ether way it still looks great and every one can at least try it for free

ABizzel13272d ago

There are a couple of reasons to go F2P.

1. Your game is accessible to everyone who has the platform to play it on. In this case every PS4 owner can play this game, which means it can have 5+ million downloads, vs. hoping for 10% - 20% attach ratio.

2. There's a potential to make significantly more money. If 1 million PS4 owners bought DD that would be $60 million in net profits, but that $60 gets split up several ways, and ultimately the publishers get all their investment money back first Capcom/Sony, then the leftovers and profits are shared among the publisher, retailers, developer, etc... Meanwhile if it's free to play that's a potential 5+ million people and constantly growing who have the game. Now you sell $1 upgrade slots, weapons etc, or upgrade packages for $14.99, and you have a chance of making significantly more money over several years, then you would charging $60 up front for a game.

Risk : Reward

joeorc3272d ago


and since free 2 play model means you do not even have to have Playstation+ to play the game, also it means everyone that owns a PS4 can play the game online even if say a month or So decide to skip paying for PS+ to tighten the belt for what ever reason. Having some Free 2 Play online games open to those with out a sub. being required is in effect good because they can still play some online multi-player games on the PS4 without the requirement of PS+ required.

Its a win / win both for gamer's and publisher's!

Volkama3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

That's essentially 1 reason: To make more money than they would with a typical retail-based model.

Decent explanation of the way the "free" model achieves it though.

elninels3272d ago

If they follow deadlights model ill be happy.

Godmars2903272d ago


If they can manage a balance between greed and necessity, allow the game to be playable while not requiring you to buy something to advance, let paying for something be only an option, they could potentially rake in more than if they treated like an MMO with a subscription. While making you have to buy the game.