PS4 Follows Xbox One with Unofficial Price Drop in UK

Sony's PS4 is already the cheaper of the next-generation consoles, but it looks like Sony's new baby just got a little more affordable in the United Kingdom. The console has gotten its first price cut in the United Kingdom thanks to retailer GameStop.

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bobsmith2898d ago

ps4 ftw n e 1 who gets xbone what were u thinking?

Bladesfist2898d ago

Why does it matter what someone else gets?

thereapersson2898d ago

A price drop already? The systems just came out!

Hocking2898d ago

There is no PS4 price drop.

Post #13:

"always been this price Euro >> GBP Dublin based shop"

hkgamer2898d ago


It's jsut the way how things work in UK. Hardly any products stay at RRP.

Retailers are just too competitive and try to beat each other with prices. Stores like Asda (walmart) has gaming stuff cheaper then game stores.

LeeMajors2898d ago

It has nothing to do with 'retailers are just too competitive'. It is just a pricing difference between the Euro and Pound. The short neogaf thread there explains it clearly. The PS4 has always been this price.

GribbleGrunger2898d ago

It seems I owe you an apology, Hocking. I didn't realise it was stock sold from Ireland. Bubble to all your posts for the misunderstanding.

andrewsqual2898d ago

And guess which console outsold the other 10 to 1 since 1st January in Ireland? :)

SonyKong642898d ago

supporting anti consumer greed/profit before anything company's that harm the industry/hobby/pastime like Microsoft does, we'll, this effects everyone..

it really does matter what someone else gets when your talking about a product like the Xbox one, coming from a company like Microsoft..

XisThatKid2897d ago

um The more people get PS4 the more rev PS4 gets and the more people to play with. I mean, what if the not known best player of a game doesn't have a PS4 yet an was on the fence until now or anytime but comments on forums and comment sections influenced them to make their decision now the best player in Killzone or another game is on your console of choice.
The moral to the story is if you play multi player getting others to play the same game on your console of choice (also if it's in their best interest)and get as many people as possible to play that's how we get sequels, that's how we get success on our platforms and franchises That's X1, PS4 and CoD, Battlefield, KZ etc. As consumers we wish success on our decisions Companies rely on some to share the good word "word of mouth" this is why one might care what console anyone buys. Hope to enlighten some. "Fanboy" (a horrible over used term might I add)or whatever you guys call them or us is a necessary entity in communities. X1 fans support your purchase if necessary PS4 fans the same. Or just COMMENT on whatever you want regardless what others want you to say in the COMMENT section.

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christocolus2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

cant you be happy with your choice and let others be happy with theirs? you got a ps4 and some others got an xbx shouldn't matter to you what the other guy prefers.just play your games and be happy with your choice.

NoLongerHereCBA2898d ago

Really sad that you get so many disagrees. Probably also shouldn't say that you want world peace.

Pricey2898d ago

Competition is healthy, hence why there are price drops.

He gets disagrees because people don't believe he is sincere. Cant we all just get along, aww bless so sweet.

NoLongerHereCBA2898d ago

@Pricey, he looks pretty sincere to me. Nowhere does his 'tone' imply he is being sarcastic. Same goes for Bladefist. People apparently aren't 'allowed' to buy what they prefer or want people to just get along and stop bitching, which I find really sad.

Price drops are indeed a big plus to consumers and that is why competition is great :)

Fireseed2898d ago

Killer Instinct.... Killer Instinct is what I was thinking.

lemoncake2898d ago

When the xbox price drops a bit its all doom and gloom, when ps4 drops its all celebrations, strange fanboy website.

notyobizhwispndmymny2898d ago

That what you eat don't make me Sh**

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Hocking2898d ago

How many times is this dumb story going to keep getting posted here? There is no price cut on the PS4. It's always been this price.

Products that are completely sold out or sell out new stock immediately don't get price cuts.

kayoss2898d ago

How many time are you going post things without checking facts?

Hocking2898d ago

Post #13

"always been this price Euro >> GBP Dublin based shop"

No price drop. End of story. Move on.

GribbleGrunger2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

What are you talking about, Hocking? Sony announced it would be £350 in the UK, I bought it for £350 in the UK, it was shown in all shops and online retailers as £350 and now Gamestop are selling it for £330, which in my book is a drop of £20.

hkgamer2898d ago

I think it's the difference between US and the UK. in UK we never follow the RRP. So we never give a crap if its an official RRP price drop or not. Whilst in the US they just follow the RRP.

Now this price drop is not official since Sony didn't drop it but to consumers its still cheaper.

GribbleGrunger2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Hocking is right and I'm wrong. It's from a Dublin based retailer.

Onenyte2898d ago

Wow respect dude , someone is actually acting mature on the internet.

GribbleGrunger2898d ago

@Onenyte: The one thing I value in myself and in other people is humility so it would be completely wrong of me not to acknowledge the fact I was wrong.

killzone6192897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

"Hocking is right and I'm wrong"

and yet the sony fanboys agreed with your original comment.

further proof this site is swarming with PS fanboys.

killzone6192897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )