Be My Valentine, Lara Croft Gamers Choose Their Preferred Video Game Valentine

Gamers chose Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft as their preferred Valentine in a GamerFitNation survey.

The survey by GamerFitNation drew 100 respondents. Gamers were asked which female video game character they would choose to be their Valentine. The question was open-ended, so participants could choose any character they wanted.

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I'm sorry but Bayonetta reminds me of Sarah Palin

Redinfamy2897d ago

HAHAHAHAHA, I somewhat have to agree with this.

Aleithian2897d ago

Agreed. And is worth choosing for that reason ;-)

VTKC2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Nalin Palin?

I was thinking of Ruby from that not so great game WET would be my choice

ShaunCameron2896d ago

True. But then again so does Lisa Ann.

XiSasukeUchiha2897d ago

Damn this is kinda of cool! and sadly odd but Bayonetta For mE

Lord_Sloth2897d ago

Probably Yayoi Tsubaki from BlazBlue. Maybe Hitomi from DoA though...For her cooking of corse....

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