M-rated Valentine’s Day cards for your gamer sweetheart

Express your love for that special gamer in your life with brutal Valentine’s Day cards from mature titles.

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wita3273d ago

These are a lot more clever than the other Valentine's gaming cards I've seen.

Lifeequals423273d ago

I dunno -- I don't usually get that sappy on V-day.

Concertoine3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Perfunctory gifts with perfunctory cards dripping with sap. One of two days jaded, apathetic partners will show affection, the only time people actually expect them to.

darkronin2293273d ago

The puns are just the best.

badvlad3273d ago

v day is a selling gimmick

daedra3273d ago

I game to forget Valentines, what's with all this v day crap on n4g.

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