Warhawk GGL Tournament!

Dylan Writes:

"So I know that something like 80% of all humans on the planet (and some portion of plant-based life forms on Mars) are playing Grand Theft Auto 4 right now…can't say I blame them as I am currently up to my eyeballs in hot Liberty City awesomeness - but just in case you Warhawk fans didn't hear about it, the GGL is running a team tournament with some sweet, sweet prizes!"

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games4fun3808d ago

now they have a tournament going? i got back from college and my parents have freaking dial up so there is no way i can play any games online.

And to top it all off i was thinking of how much i missed playing warhawk the most online and i had every good online game and i was missing warhawk the most and now this news i would have been all over this i want that special edition knife ... sigh i guess ill go kill people in GTAIV now to blow off some steam.

i really want to play this game again i'm having withdrawls

waljaber3807d ago

i wish u can find the time to play WH again.