Nintendo Direct (February 2014) Recap: What You Missed

Nintendo Direct Recap

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DanielGearSolid2408d ago

So basically... We missed nothing

TheVideoGamHer2408d ago

Basically. The only good things announced were Little Mac and a release date for Mario Kart.

3-4-52408d ago

Did you turn it off after 2 minutes or something?

Sly-Lupin2408d ago

I missed Dragon Quest VII 3D. And Dragon Quest X. And Dragon Quest XI.

I missed them, terribly.

Starbucks_Fan2408d ago

Wasn't that exciting until the end. I wish they would focus more on Wii U. What they showed today will not improve sales.

TheVideoGamHer2408d ago

I don't think so. They could have focused more on indie titles coming to Wii U or at least release WINDOWS for some of these games.

Dravidian2408d ago

Well they did gove release windows.......very, very.....very vague ones.

TheVideoGamHer2408d ago

Dravidian: For Wii U games? Not really. 3DS, yes. They could have given windows for Bayonetta 2, X, and Smash Bros.

4ShotKing2408d ago

This direct was used to show all of Nintendo's shovelware titles and X

LAWSON722408d ago

NIntendo I hope you blow me away by E3 with some big new game.

LOL_WUT2408d ago

I hope they actually show up this time unlike last year which totally ruined them and the console ;)

LAWSON722408d ago

Well they will probably just due a stupid Nintendo Direct which I still think is a stupid move

GeddyThePolack2408d ago

So disappointing. All the 3ds titles shown should have been made for the Wii U. Then maybe the Wii U would have a shot at getting a bigger base.

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The story is too old to be commented.