IGN: What Will Games Be Like in 20 Years

IGN writes: At last week’s DICE summit, speakers focused on a common theme: what’s next in games? Every speaker answered that question differently, with some trying to predict the future and others taking personal looks back to discuss how the evolution of their careers has shaped what they’ll do next. For me, the highlight came in the form of a conversation between Mark Cerny and Eugene Jarvis, which asked if we’re in “a renaissance of gaming” or if everything today is just more of the same.

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tigertron3271d ago

Who knows what games will look like or how they will be played in twenty years from now.

Heck, I remember playing the PS1 back when it first came out and thinking to myself "yeah, we've reached the pinnacle of evolution here", then low and behold, twenty years later we have games like The Order 1886.

Mikelarry3271d ago

same when i got my ps2 i was like there is no way gaming can get better than this oh boy was i wrong

Neonridr3271d ago

I played video games far enough back where you had to use your imagination to see a circle. :P

rhcpfan3270d ago

"then low and behold, twenty years later we have games like The Order 1886"

Which has yet to be released...

3-4-53270d ago

20 years from now I want:

* Traditional Controller

* All the genres that are currently available, should still exist + be expanded upon and tinkered with to create all news ones.

* There will still be sports games, FPS, 2D sidescrollers and whatever else we have now.

20 years is a long time from now....this gen just started....I'm fine for now.

kingdom183270d ago

I remember the first time I played Lost Odyssey on the 360 for the first time, only have played Blue Dragon on it, it was so amazing, comparing it to games on my PS2. And this was with an SD TV with AV cords, I almost shite myself when I played a game for the first time on and HDTV with an HDMI cord.

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Immorals3270d ago

I personally hope they stop fussing too much on graphics, and focus more on depth and length. Imagine a mass effect universe where you had fully explorable planets filled with unique NPCs, events and missions

curtis923270d ago

I think that's what Destiny is going to be over the next decade

Immorals3270d ago

Aye, one can hope, but they are very restricted by being console exclusive

curtis923270d ago

What will cars be like in 20 years?

They'll probably have wheels and steering wheels.

jakmckratos3270d ago

In 20 years we can prepare for the launch of Final Fantasy 15 and Half Life 3 to be announced at E3 2034.

colonel1793270d ago

and Kingdom Hearts 3 won't be released until Final Fantasy XV is done! NOOOOOOOOO!

Bathyj3270d ago

20 years?

God who knows.

Personally Im hoping to lie back in a recliner while a metal spike pieces my occipital bone and downloads me kung fu.

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