MLB 14: The Show Gives NBA 2K14 a Run for Best Sports Game (Interview)

"MLB 14: The Show is Sony's latest iteration of arguably the best sports franchise, MLB: the Show. Exclusive to the PlayStation Brand, MLB 14: The Show is releasing on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and for the very first time, PlayStation 4. Exciting for fans of the MLB: The Show franchise, MLB 14: The Show is releasing with a completely new engine delivering a far more realistic baseball experience than what has been achieved previously."


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daggertoes831800d ago

The show has always been the best sports game IMO. What's with all the show articles today? Have to wait 1 month to get it on the ps4 sucks.

Nick2120041800d ago

The embargo lifted today. Sony gave all of the large media outlets private showings on Monday but no one could release anything until today.

Cueil1800d ago

as long as the commentary is crappy it'll never reach the height of NBA 2K series and MLB 2K's commentary was even better then their NBA game...

elninels1800d ago

Nba 2k4 is a microtransaction nightmare. Franchise mode is pretty shitty without spending some money, and the abilities you get from spending money won't be coming to a different franchise if you'd like to start another.
gameplay? 9.0...
everything else? 2.0...

I love the 2k series, but the microtransactions are gimping classic game modes.

jimjam34421800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

ive never really understood the interest in sports games, if i wanted to play baseball id just get some friends together, although i can understand it for people with disabilities who cant do that.

Qrphe1800d ago

ive never really understood the interest in shooting games, if i wanted to do some shooting id just get some guns and go to the mall

tl;dr it's a video game and people enjoy them

jimjam34421800d ago

okay thats taking it way too fucking far man, i thought of a similiar idea but my mind chose to join the military. i think you need to see a psychiatrist.

Errefus1800d ago

^ you missed the joke...

WeAreLegion1800d ago

Stipulations for baseball...

1) Need enough light
2) Need enough friends
3) Friends have to be available
4) Friends have to LIKE baseball
5) Need a big enough yard/park/field
6) Can't be too cold (Winter)

tjg591800d ago

Don't forget equipment

HaveAsandwich1800d ago

when we weren't playing on a field as kids, we played wiffle ball in the middle of the road, at night, no shoes, and not a care in the world. if you really want it, you'll make it happen.

WeAreLegion1800d ago

We aren't kids anymore. Most of us don't have twenty friends who live in the same neighborhood who would be willing to leave their houses at 10 PM to play in the middle of the street.

Hicken1800d ago

That.... is SO stupid.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1800d ago

MLB The Show IS the best sports franchise.And I can't wait until I get my copy. I'm going to put in so many hours with my Rays. Too bad the PS4 definitive version will come out a month later. Guess I'll just have to wait to get the true realistic version. Can't wait.

Akuma2K1800d ago

I'm getting the ps4 version too, the extra month will be well worth the

harrisk9541800d ago

Hopefully it is early May... i am surprised they didn't give a specific date in May... :(

HaveAsandwich1800d ago

you from florida? my cousin lives in tampa, and goes to home games all season. i'm up in lady lake, though im a newly transplanted phillies fan. it's awesome that they spring train in clearwater. i go every year for a week with family to watch them play a bunch of mediocre pitchers. i stay hammered, so it's all good.

harrisk9541800d ago

Can't wait! I'm getting it on PS4, like most of you guys... Anyone interested in getting a league together for the PS4 version? If so, send me a friend request at harrisk954.

mkis0071800d ago

I think having baseball only on playstation this year is pretty crazy.