Peter Moore: Halo 3 Is Everything People Expect

Speaking to MTV News, Peter Moore has provided an update on the third episode in the Halo series as well as the delayed film adaptation.

While talking about the next wave of Xbox 360 exclusives, which includes Crackdown, Forza Motorsport 2, Shadowrun and Too Human, and are all projected to be available by the end of next June, the VP of Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft said he has already seen Halo 3 and believes it will meet gamers' expectations:

"I actually saw 'Halo 3' last week. It's everything people would expect to see in a next-generation version of 'Halo.' "

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PSN Starfleets4452d ago

Well, he WOULD say that anyway wouldn't he?

THAMMER14452d ago

But I belive him 100%. I think I have played gears for like 8 hours non stop.

Munky4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

The game is ridiculously addictive. Are you playing it on CASUAL or HARDCORE? I already beat it on all three settings, actually I never played it on CASUAL I just jumped into HARDCORE right away. The INSANE difficulty setting is crazy but manageable for ppl with higher then average skill, except for when you get to RAAM. Seriously, he is impossible to do me I tried for a long A$$ time. But yeah GOW is amazing in every way, it's everything EPIC/MS promised it would be, now i'm hoping that HALO3 will be able to follow in its footsteps cuz the hype machine is going to get ridiculous for this game :).

dantesparda4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

of course you would, fanboy!

Munky4451d ago

That was actually the first time somebody has called me that on this site.

JoelEH4451d ago

OK so Gears is freakin awesome! Imagine how cool H3 is going to be consider the fact that they have been working on it longer then any of their games. I would have ?s about anything moore says but like I said after seen Gears of War Microsoft is delivering the goods.. Can't wait for Blue Dragon and H3...