Itagaki on Ninja Gaiden II Difficulty, DLC & More

After spending about 30 minutes with a final build (awaiting certification) of Ninja Gaiden II at the Xbox 360 Spring Showcase, Joystiq had a chance to sit down with designer Tomonobu Itakagi, along with a handful of other game journalists. Staring out at them through dark shades, as an assistant translated his responses, the Team Ninja front man spoke on the "Deadly Ds," as Joystiq like to call them: dismemberment, difficulty (as in, tweaking the design philosophy to make gamers feel less like wusses for playing on easy) and Down-Loadable Costumes.

Actually, there was another "D" addressed here too -- the one that ends with "-rinking on the job," or rather, the lack thereof. Yes, this was a new, sobered Itagaki, folks. Hard to believe given the swirl of emotions surrounding the realization that this could be his last *gasp* Ninja Gaiden.

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wow4u4905d ago

Ninja Gaiden is going to be a smash success. The graphics are terrific, the gameplay looks awesome and the story is shown to have depth and the game has some very interesting characters.

Another break-out hit for the Xbox 360.

poopface14905d ago

It is the main reason I have a 360. I cant wait for the demo. Hopefully the demo will be released soon. Ill play it non stop tilljune 3rd.

Kami4905d ago

but itagaki is a f*ckin asshole he thinks he is the BIG $hit but he is not

Monty_The_Great4905d ago

it will be a commercial success, because the first wasn't by any means. But this is easily the one game i look the most forward to on any system, yes i do own all three.

solidt124905d ago

This is another one of those great core games that we all need to support. There has been alot of talk lately amongst developer who worry if game like NG2, MGS4, Gears 2, Too Human, ect. don't do well then fund will be cut for these kind of games and they will focus more on so called casual games. Im not a casual gamer. I love core games with at least normal difficulty.

GUNS N SWORDS4905d ago (Edited 4905d ago )

i really hope it comes out with in a week, as long as it's not wright when the game is coming out, what good would the demo be then.

i'm definitely getting this game on day 1, strictly for my ninjas.....word G.

Aclay4905d ago

I'm not really too sure how big of a hit Ninja Gaiden 2 will be. Personally I think that the God of War series on the Playstation is a more bigger (and popular) franchise than Ninja Gaiden, but that's just what I think.

I'm thinking that Ninja Gaiden 2 might get lost in all of the Metal Gear Solid 4 hype though, because next to GTA4, MGS4 it's one of the most anticipated games coming out for ANY console.

Tomonobu Itakagi sure is one of the most creepiest Japanese guys I've ever seen though....

poopface14904d ago

cause I know that ng is the best!!!!!!!!

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