PS4 MLB 14: The Show Gets 12 Fantastic New Screenshots; Shows Realistic Lighting and Mighty Beards

As mentioned a couple days ago, the press embargo on the assets of the upcoming baseball simulation by Sony Computer Entertainment MLB 14: The Show was lifted just a few seconds ago, and the publisher released some really amazing screenshots.

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ABizzel11805d ago

Look good, but that Lighting Engine is amazing. Can't wait to see what they do with MLB 15, The Show since they've said they cracked the hardware.

Neonridr1805d ago

not a huge fan of baseball games, in fact haven't really played one since the old EA Sports Triple Play and All Star Baseball series on the N64. That being said, can't deny how beautiful this game looks. And the Lighting looks very impressive.

frostypants1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

I'm gonna get flak for this, but...
The Show was already so awesome looking on the PS3 that I'm not seeing a huge improvement here. Other than the facial hair the facial models look the same, and the lighting was already pretty awesome. I think The Show has become a bit like the leading racing pretty that it takes an awful lot to improve it perceptibly. I was hoping for a bigger "next step" in photorealism for the players but that doesn't appear to be the case...they look like the exact same models and textures.

I'm wondering if we're seeing some symptoms of multi-platform-itosis here. It doesn't look like they're really taking full advantage of the new hardware.

Neonridr1804d ago

the facial models look a little lacking sadly. Their eyes look empty with no life (See Ryse for some good looking eyes) and their skin looks very plain.

Other than that, the ballparks look very impressive.

frostypants1804d ago

Yeah, but the ballparks already looked very

WickedLester1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

No flak from me. I'm seeing the same things you are. It looks GOOD but then again so did the PS3 MLB's. I'm not seeing THAT big of a jump to be honest. I believe part of this is because this is a cross-generational title. The engine that they used on this game no doubt started on PS3 and then they just tweaked and optimized it as much as they could for PS4. Had this been a completely new engine, built from the ground up solely using PS4 dev kits I believe it would be a much different, much better looking game.

My biggest beef with these screens is that everything looks extremely "sterile." The ball parks lack that certain "lived in" real world look. It almost has what I call a "PC" look to it. A lot of PC games that play look this way to me. Also Player models aren't that impressive either. Those dead-pan eyes are terrible and I'm sorry, the facial hair technology is not that impressive. It looks more like broom straws than it does facial hair.

lifesanrpg1805d ago


Sad about the May release for PS4 though :(

DarkLord10031805d ago

Day 1 purchase but I sense the vibe of the uncanny valley in this sceenshots...

LAWSON721805d ago

Not a baseball fan but looks pretty good.

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