Viva Piñata Content On The Marketplace

Us poor old Europeans won't be able to play the new 360 title Viva Piñata until the first of December. So Rare being the nice kind and caring company that they are have decided to rub it in our faces by releaseing some new content for the game on the marketplace.

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calderra4448d ago

From a forum topic:
"This isn't a game, it's an addiction."

If you were on the fence, do go pick it up and give it a spin. It's an incredible little title.

Gh0stDrag0n4448d ago

It's all the bright colors, a true psychedelic expierance!

kmis874448d ago

"The accessory packs will set you back 90ms Points and we are left wondering why they didn't include these in the game." My thoughts on all these real early micropayment things exactly.

Have you guys listened to the latest 1upyours podcast? Apparently this game is an incest simulator! Haha, it sounds real fun and addictive though. The guys at 1up really seemed to like it.