360 HD-DVD Impressions

From Kotaku: "I'm not a video snob. When I first got my big-ass high-def television I really wasn't that impressed. The non HD signal looked like crap and the HD stuff looked OK, but it didn't make my eyes bleed. I guess I heard one too many people tell me that an HD picture looks 3D.

But when I finally got a chance to check out an HD DVD I understood what everyone was talking about. The picture is beautiful, amazingly crisp. I didn't really care that much about the other features, the picture-in-picture commentary, the ability to access the menu without pausing the movie.

But if you own a high-def television you need to get a high-def movie player, otherwise what's the point.

The 360's HD-DVD player seems to do an admirable job of playing movies, but it's not the best design. It would have made a lot more sense for Microsoft to just build the thing into their console, something I'm sure they will be doing as a third SKU down the line.2

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Alymon4451d ago

Not bad. Glad to hear that the picture is good for it. Building it into the system would've been nice, but it wasn't really feasible at the time.

calderra4451d ago

I don't want next-gen DVD. At all. I'm fine with my standard TV, I'm fine with my DVDs. Yeah, I realize I'll eventually have to get an HDTV. But not today.

Who cares about the enhanced picture quality? I'd have to buy an HDTV and a player, easily costing me an ADDITIONAL $600+, even with the "cheap" option of already owning a 360.

Who cares about the format wars? One side or the other will wind up having a large collection of frisbees as its rival dominates the market. Or else hybrid discs and players will make the whole battle irrelevant anyway.

On top of ALL of that, Sony and Microsoft both agree that optical discs are probably on the way out. Movie downloads via broadband are seen by BOTH corporations as the future of movie viewing, and both sides are already offering appropriate services. I can get an HD movie on my 360 on the new marketplace for $6- why buy a player at all? I'll skip that an invest in an HDTV if anything then download movies.

So you wind up paying over $1,000 total investment to get on board a boat that both sides already agree thy'll be scuttling in a few years.

Again, I'll stick with my 360. It's cheaper without the HD drive, and it already supports the next-next-gen format of broadband downloads. I'm already prepared for the aftermath regardless of who "wins" the format war.

Screw HD-DVD and BluRay.
Sony's going to offer HD movie downloads on their download service soon too, negating the need for their BluRay player completely. Whoopie.

Mikey_Gee4451d ago

..... BUT ....... now that I have seen HD-DVD on the new 67" 1080p set I am buying ... well .... IT IS THAT GOOD !!

I don't think it would be wise for anyone to run out and buy a HDTV and a HD-DVD or BR player "JUST BECAUSE" , HOWEVER, if you are in my boat and you have been looking into a new HDTV for a while now and would have bought one regardless of the 360, PS3, HD-DVD, or BR ... well then you will for sure enjoy your purchase.

I also think the DL HD content is a fantastic idea .. but once again .... if you planned on buying a HDTV prior anyway ... cool ... but don't put yourself in the poor house just to try and keep up.


OutLaw4450d ago

I am very pleased with the way the HD DVD add-on turned out.

Ended up getting it at Gamestop and when I got it home I put the Green dvd it came with in my 360 and hooked up the HD DVD in a matter of minutes.

Put King Kong in and to my surprise the damn thing was amazing, the clarity of the movie was just unbelievable and you are talking about somebody who couldn't even stand the movie King Kong on dvd format. But after watching it in HD DVD on my 61 inch lcd tv I couldn't believe how great the movie was. You could enjoy all of the computer rendering that was put into this movie.

I'm glad that I purchased the HD-DVD add-on and I highly recommend it to anybody who has a 360 and is looking forward to purchasing a HD DVD player. This isn't only a great player but it's also about $200 to $300 less than a stand alone HD DVD player.

TheMART4450d ago

I just bought a big fast external HDD, a 320 GB Iomega Minimax firewire/USB 2.0

Will use that one for videoplayback/HD material. Cheaper then a HD-DVD and much more flexible :)