360 More Backward Compatibility

20 new Games ... Doom 3, Lego Star Wars and more. Listen to the interview with Peter Moore.

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clayton5826d ago

Who cares? I personally don't, I have a next-gen system for next-gen games, with improved graphic and audio quality. The only people that should be playing last-gen games are the Sony fan-boys, becuase it looks like we will have Ultimate Definition TV's before the PS3 comes out.

MJ230075826d ago

Can someone please tell me what games he lists on the audio podcast? I cant open it at work. What other games are backwards compatible?

shotty5826d ago

The only 2 titles Moore named were Doom 3 and Lego star wars

Schmitty075826d ago

The only BC game I play on my 360 is Halo, Halo 2 anyway. I'm more interested in the new games coming out.

PS360PCROCKS5826d ago

yeah seriously I don't even have any of my old 360 games why is everyone so caught up on that anyways, why do u want to play the old version of the game if u can play the new version

Grown Folks Talk5826d ago

they seem to be under the impression that the 360 is the only system that launched with a handful of games and then had a slow spell while devs are trying to get more familiar with the new hardware. every other system launched with 50 games and had new ones coming out hand over fist every week. if you really want to play xbox games so badly, you could have kept your xbox. i know from working at gamestop, the trade in value isn't that great, especially for those like me who bought the system when it was $300.

USMChardcharger5826d ago

the orginal PS had NO launch came with a demo disk.
so any dig from sony on xbox launch games is pointless.
besides, there was some good games at launch.
CoD2 and Project G. for example.

USMChardcharger5826d ago

like someone mentioned above, he only said two games.
i have searched high and low for an updated b/c list. the last one was in March. has no one yet found out what new games are b/c.
i got my fingers crossed for ESPN 2k5.

Grown Folks Talk5826d ago

espn nfl 2k5 has been sitting on the sidelines waiting for an update. damn ea buyout. 2k6 would have been sick on the 360.

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