Nathan Drake Tops the List of Sexiest Male Video Game Characters

Gamers chose Uncharted’s Nathan Drake as the sexiest male video game character in a GamerFitNation survey. GamerFitNation asked 100 gamers who they felt is the sexiest male video game character of all time. The question was open-ended, so participants could choose any character they wanted. See the full results.

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ABizzel13815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Nathan "Drizzy" Drake, throws panties on stage and faint.

Drake: Do it for me bizzel

Me: I ain't go do it.

Drake: Do it for me bizzel

Me: I ain't go do it.

Then: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

GiantEnemyCrab3815d ago

haha the teen boys have spoken!


Could Ganondorf Ever Be The Star Of A Zelda Game?

Gerudo or Gerudon't?

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LG_Fox_Brazil7d ago

A game starring a young Ganondorf... That would be kinda interesting

OtterX6d ago

Yea, maybe a story arc about how he becomes evil, but make him start out good/morally ambiguous.

Michiel19896d ago

nintendo and morally ambiguous is a dumpsterfire I'd like to watch.

DefaultComment6d ago

He already was playable in original Hyrule Warriors ... just saying.

Inverno6d ago

WW's Ganon would probably be the most interesting of the bunch. It'd be a good way to not only return to WW but also Ocarina. We could see more of his upbringing, his motivations for trying to find the sacred realm, the fallen timeline, the flood, and how he survived. Tho I don't think he'd work well game wise unless they're willing to let us kill Link. Otherwise it'd be a really good concept for an animated film.

SubtilizZer6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Omg if they could literally make him follow Links path similarly like maybe he had to deliver the items Link had to recover in the legend of Zelda in hopes to save a loved one or maybe for some political gain or maybe his father is betrayed by Hyrule omg my brain so many ways to do this very thing and it would work so well.

Like his family is left in possession of powerful artifacts that can shape or deal with issues plaguing different parts of their world. Through politics they agree to part with these but then when they part with them they are betrayed or setup. I don’t know but this shit would slap.

It could star a relative and Ganon could be a child that he stops to visit on his journey who looks up to his like a Shanks and Luffy kind of deal. Seeing Ganon as a young kid with no hate wow. Nintendo sleeping on this for real

Kneetos5d ago

He was my MVP in the hyrule warriors game
Probably the most fun character to play as


Gaming's Dynamic Duos; Which Ones Did It The Best?

The dual protagonist nature of some games have led to numerous dynamic duos in gaming. Here are some of the best ones.

Kneetos25d ago

Mario and sonic

Next question

LucasRuinedChildhood25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

The Prince and Farah

Few others:
- Booker and Elizabeth
- Joel and Ellie
- Jade and Pey'j
- Jak and Daxter
- Nate and Sully
- Master Chief and Cortona
- Gordon and Alyx

Retroman24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Bill Rizer and Lance Bean , Ratchet and Clank , Jax and Daxter


10 PS1 Games That Actually Need A Remake

With hundreds of games, some of which are considered to be classics that hold up to this day, you’ve got the pick of the litter when it comes to choosing a potential remake

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RaidenBlack111d ago

^This. THIS!
Stop remaking PS4 games!
Remake PS1 and PS2 games à la FF7R, RE1, Mafia, Half Life style ....
Make Legend of Dragoon, Legacy of Kain etc Remakes happen

darthv72111d ago

Legend of Dragoon... WTH is Sony doing just letting this one squander?

-Foxtrot111d ago

I wonder if their mindset is like “meh we have Final Fantasy what’s the point of our own JRPG”

FinalFantasyFanatic111d ago

Square-Enix had a long period there where it seems they didn't know what to do with Final Fantasy, I think that time period would have been a good time to revisit their classics and remake them. Now it seems they're going full steam ahead with the franchise, so they have less reason to revisit those older games. I wouldn't mind if they subcontracted them out to other developers, that and I don't trust SE to remake their older games.

Cacabunga110d ago

Simply because i do not think it will succeed.. maybe a bad example but e we got Medievil remake after many years fans have beg asking... result is It flopped hard. Remaking a JRPG is so risky. Only a bunch of hardcore gamers who played the original would buy it. If Sony put even more budget into it then it’s even more risky.

As i suggested before, i think they should start remaking like square did with Star Ocean. Or something similar to Octopath Traveller. Build up some hype and try on higher scale later on..

Terry_B111d ago

Let me tell you about PS1 games that should get a remake actually.

Jumping Flash (As a VR game)
Ridge Racer 1-4 as Ridge Racers 3..just like the pretty perfect PSP RR1.-2 games but with even more content
Cardinal Sin which was full of nice ideas for its time but was plagued by technical limitations
Bushido Blade ^^ just like CS
Bust A Groove.
WWF Attitude. With the same roster, same voices,Only slightly updated gameplay but current gen graphics
Dynasty Warriors..yes the fighting game that was similar to Tekken 2 while it had weapons.As nice as the DW games are..its a shame they never released a new fighting game

And while I am at it.

Thrill Kill ...hell yes.

KyRo111d ago

Ah Thrill Kill, the game that was banned/cancelled but everyone had played 😂 what a throwback!

darthv72111d ago

jumping Flash would make a great VR game. Im actually quite surprised nobody has thought to do that one... even on the indie side for something like the meta quest.

111d ago
FinalFantasyFanatic111d ago

I miss Ridge Racer so much, give me a new game or at least a collection of the older games! I had a blast playing Ridge Racer PSP on my PS4 a few months back.

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FinalFantasyFanatic111d ago

I cannot understand the current business practice of remaking games from the previous generation, especially when they are very much playable today and still hold up well, it's even worse when people are willing buying them again. The PS1 generation is so ripe for remakes, I know more than a few people who would clamour for a Xenogears remake, or almost any game from that list.

Ravenkiss111d ago

and Valkyrie Profile Lenneth. They did Star Ocean 1 & 2 R already, VPL should get the same treatment.

Redgrave111d ago

I assume this to mean that you aren't considering the PSP port to be the remake in this statement? Like a remake of that one?