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Europe Weekly Chart Week Ending 2/1/2014

PS4 69,513 (+13%)
3DS 40,716 (-11%)
PS3 23,213 (-3%)
XOne 18,146 (+2%)
X360 12,636 (-1%)

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (PS4) 76,354
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (XOne) 21,976

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Community1736d ago
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MariaHelFutura1736d ago
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G20WLY1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Holy wow - PS4 is setting tills on fire!

Next, Japan...then, the WORLD Mwhahahaaa!

*Disclaimer: according to vgchartz

Rig_Master1736d ago

"*Disclaimer: according to vgchartz"

Not sure how this fake sales site isn't banned. It is on every other gaming site I am on.

Hocking1736d ago

It's just some kid who makes up numbers.

It is amazing, and sad, to see people actually taking them seriously.

Do people actually believe some little kid is doing GLOBAL RETAIL TRACKING?


There are reliable retail sales tracking companies - NPD, Media Create, etc.

The console world has enough fake garbage already without some little kid making up fake sales numbers.

DigitalHope1736d ago


Yes I'm sure that a little kid runs and manages that whole site all by himself. *sarcasam*

lazygamer1736d ago

The sales numbers are fake.

vgchartz is run by a little kid who used to go by the handle ioi on the neogaf forums. He was perma-banned for making up fake sales numbers to try to inflate Xbox 360 sales.

After he was perma-banned he setup his fake sales site vgchartz so no one could stop him from spreading his inflated Xbox sales numbers.

If ioi's made up sales numbers are this huge for the PS4, the real sales numbers must be staggering.

abzdine1736d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

that's a massive blow in the face of MS.
they cant win this gen, but if they don't put themselves together defeat will be even harder to measure. The problem is, if i was MS, i wouldnt know what to do cause hardware is way inferior. Dropping a 100$ 2 months post release will feel so desperate and still wouldn't change a thing cause the superior hardware is at the same price.

Japan in 10days, world domination will truly begin there!!! They really don't know what that means just yet.
PS3 and 360 were completely overshadowed by Wii, now the only next gen console available in Japan will be PS4...

@lazygamer: Wii got all the love from japanese developers because it was successful. now PS4 alone in the nature with no competition will bring in even more games and hopefully a load of JRPGs. this is the point i was trying to make

lazygamer1735d ago

"PS3 and 360 were completely overshadowed by Wii"

Not remotely true. The Wii was the top selling console worldwide for the first three years or so. Ever since then the PS3 has been the top selling console in the world for the past three to four years.

And by the time the PS3 stops being sold it will be the top selling console of its gen by a huge amount. With another five years or so of sales left it will end up in the 110+ million range.

aceitman1735d ago

the NPD will release numbers on thursday , so u can see how close these numbers are. and then u can leave the site alone. they have been pretty close before.

vigilante_man1735d ago

The trend for this next gen seems to be:

No.1 PS4
No.2 WiiU vs XB1

in terms of sales and more than likely great exclusives. But I think the XB1 will have some great games too. MS have to follow Sony with 1st Party development just to keep in second place.

Now wonder Microsoft are so eager for Titanfall - they need a system seller. Whereas the PS4 IS a system that sells!

Great for gaming that the company who puts developers and gamers first is leading the way.

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True_Samurai1736d ago ShowReplies(4)
dwlwoolers1736d ago

Hahahahs love that comment man. Go Sony

Kribwalker1735d ago

Everyone talks like Japan is gonna set the world on fire with ps4 sales. You do know that they didn't even sell 10mil lifetime ps3 in japan right? And they are a huge handheld console people there. More then home console. North America is by far the biggest home console market in the world. That is how MS did so well last gen while only selling 1million in japan. Japan=not as big of a game changer as you all think.

LeCreuset1735d ago

Then I guess it's a good thing for Sony that they're leading in the US, too. And the rest of the world.

G20WLY1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Krib, with respect, that's not the point.

Let's say PS4 shifts 300,000 in week one in Japan. That's like 2 weeks worth of current global sales, for free.

I don't think anyone thinks it's comparable to US potential sales, as a market. But if it's the dominant home console in Japan, what better way to encourage Japanese developers to bring their games to that platform first, or even solely?

ABizzel11735d ago


Again the PS3 was the most expensive console of the last generation, and on top of that the Wii was the most popular. By comparison the Wii sold 12+ million units in Japan, so the PS3 is doing great too all things considered.

But the PS3 is consistently one of the top 4 best selling hardware in Japan, and last year it sold over 800k units (aka 2nd place for home consoles) with the Wii coming in 3rd with just over 70k units (yes 70). The PS3 has longevity and by the end of 2014 it will be over 10 million units sold.

The PS4 has none of those disadvantages going against it, and in fact it is the most popular of the consoles this gen, and has a much more reasonable $400 price point compared to the PS3's $500 / $600. This "LIKELY" means the PS4 will have an easy 10 million in sales once it's all said and done which translates into 1.25 million per year over 8 years. Meanwhile the 360 was struggling to reach an average of 250k a year there, so it just means this is one more region the PS4 has likely won, and will result in an average of 1+ million sales over the XBO each year making the gap further. The XBO is already DOA in Japan and it'll be best to send them about 300k console each year and focus elsewhere.

Those saying Japan is about to explode are exaggerating a bit, but if it turns out to be a hot seller like the 3DS (which I doubt) then it truly is game over for both the XBO and the Wii U in Japan at least.

HomerJDog1735d ago

the vg charts from America came out a couple of days ago and all you Sony fanboys kept saying they are fake numbers just because xb1 is on top and now since ps4 is selling more in Europe now vg charts are true. wow you guys have some serious issues but it's n4g

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ape0071736d ago

Ps4 feel sorta like ps2, loving it very much

Hocking1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

It feels like PS1.
It feels like PS2.
It feels like PS3.

PS2 - 150 million over 12 years.
PS3 - 80 million over 7 years.

PS2 - 12 million consoles a year.
PS3 - 11.4 million consoles a year.

The PS2 sold some 80 million console after it hit 200 dollars. The PS3 has another five years of sales left in it.

Sony is going to be 3/3 with 100+ million selling consoles. And the PS4 will certainly make Sony 4/4.

mediate-this1736d ago

3/3 and still in the red. These companies need to sell at a profit

Fishy Fingers1736d ago

Or just compete in sectors they are profitable/successful. Sonys always had their fingers in to many pies.

LeCreuset1735d ago


What Fishy Fingers said. You guys make too much out of the overall profits/losses of the parent corporation. Business is a lot more intricate than that. MS is a profitable company, right? That isn't stopping two influential investors from pushing the new CEO to drop the Xbox division. http://www.washingtonpost.c...

novynova1736d ago

Those numbers cant be encouraging for Microsoft

skydragoonity1736d ago

The gap keeps getting wider.. A kinectless xbone is imminent

Concertoine1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I will gladly buy a kinectless xbone for 300-350.
Theres no reason why they shouldnt though... it would be smarter than cutting the price and losing more money. I'll keep hoping.

Fishy Fingers1736d ago

I'd jump on a Kinect-less XB1, but I don't see it happening.

HaveAsandwich1735d ago

kinectless bone for 300. i'm in.

Stedron1736d ago

Yeah right guys everyone knows people bought the ps4 for a paper weight or a bluray player. NOT for games /s

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