Microsoft: eSRAM Being Too Small For 1080p Output Is "Clearly Not The Case"

Microsoft: eSRAM Being Too Small For 1080p Output Is "Clearly Not The Case"

porkChop3808d ago

So his excuse is Forza, the game that was severely downgraded, and Kinect Sports Rivals... Nevermind all the other games that struggled with performance and had to run in 720p or 900p. I don't mind some games not being 60fps, depending on the genre, but I will not accept any next gen games that aren't 1080p.

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Naga3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

If you care so much about resolution that you would be willing to forego any gaming experience that doesn't present itself in native 1080p, then perhaps you are barking up the wrong tree in looking to consoles for your gaming solution.

porkChop3808d ago

I have a gaming PC as well. I'm just sick and tired of the PS3/360 gens blurry image and poor pixel clarity due to the games not running in native res. Image clarity is more important to me than anything else graphically.

Joe9133808d ago

Each console only has been out a few months Xbox will get to 1080p @ 60fps they just have to get used to the hardware the eSRAM held them back so they could not get it out the gate but they will get there and right now I do not think it matters but when VR becomes more of a thing I think resolution will make a difference will lower resolution mean easier motion sickness if that is true that is the only major downfall of the resolution difference.

abstractel3808d ago

Of course if you lower the graphics enough you can get games running in 1080p. There are 1080p games available on the last gen machines. Problem for MS is, will what the expectations of the current generation run in 1080p on the XboxOne?

There will definitely be games on the XboxOne that run in 1080p, just like Forza, but I think few people who know what they are talking about think those games will stack up to PS4 games graphically.

Also as a side note, shame on the gaming media for not calling out the discrepancies of the E3 build to the release build of Forza. It's a significant difference.

afterMoth3808d ago

Clearly not the case, unless you are playing Titanfall, COD, BF4, Ryse,Assassin's Creed, Killer Instinct, Thief, Dead Rising 3.

Good news is they were able to get LocoCycle at 1080p.

ProjectVulcan3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

If we examine the 'issue' of 1080p it stems a lot from the idea Xbox One is supposed to be a 'next gen' console from the 360 and PS3 owners out there. Therefore they do expect an upgrade from the native resolution of their old home consoles.

You could point to the fact 1280 x 720 is now an average smartphone resolution, and tablets have increasing resolutions that people also game on.

Reasoning here is that if you are going to spend north of £400 on a dedicated games console, it should be outperforming other 'lesser' mobile platforms in every way, including resolution.

What is also unfortunate (or Microsoft's own doing if you prefer) is that PS4 is faster, and much better equipped to manage 1080p native resolutions.

It is completely natural to compare the two consoles I'm afraid, they ARE in competition with each other. When you buy most products, you would compare rival solutions as well.

Microsoft are going to have to stop this sort of response.

They have to shift their focus from the resolution and graphics debate because they will always find themselves on the losing side against a more powerful machine.

The smart way is to focus on their own system and it's strengths, and it's games. They have to try and explain why they believe their machine is worth what it is and why it should be chosen over PS4 for the average consumer.

GameNameFame3807d ago

What resolution is Titanfall?

Oh right. LOL

morganfell3807d ago

It is just going to keep getting worse Mr Harrison: http://www.neogaf.com/forum...

tagan8tr3807d ago

@thunderbear couldn't agree more. With few exceptions the game coverage Media skew their articles, reviews and video coverage to their own personal bias, what company paid them and the overall opinion of the staff where they work. I think for us to take this coverage serious IGN/Gamespot/whoever needs to post criteria points for how they review games and hardware. Once posted stick to that mission statement. The flavor of the month review style is unintelligent and worthless..

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dedicatedtogamers3808d ago

1080p is not the be-all-end-all. And the arguement that "this game should be 1080p. or bust" is silly because there are a ton of other things to take into account (texture quality, assets on screen, physics, etc). Arguing from that standpoint is a strawman.

BUT the reason why 1080p had become such a hot-button issue is because the cheaper console is pulling off 1080p and higher framerate with nearly all of its multiplats, while the more expensive console is struggling to do so.

THAT is why it's an issue.

The limitation of eSRAM is well-documented and it certainly holds the X1 back. Will talented devs be able to work around it? Sure. Will talented devs be able to work around it to the point where the X1 version matches or exceeds the PS4 version? No, not likely.

AngelicIceDiamond3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Well the more expensive console has Kinect which forces the price up. And with 10% of X1 power was use for Kinect on top of ESRAM.

Plus the overall weaker specs.

MS could pull off 1080p much easier if the specs were like PS4's while doing things like reserved power for Kinect and ESRAM they would still have enough power to do 1080p.

This tug of war of word over PR with MS and its console is wearing very thin.

I just want the games. Is that so hard to ask?

Kingthrash3603808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

thank you^^
(thanking is needed when people make sense)
too much beating around the bush...the true words are straight to the point and clear..
so tired of pr bs.

Bennibop3808d ago

@True_Samurai this is true but the same can be said for x1 with games languishing under 30fps,deadrising less than 24fps, Tombraider drops below 25fps which is far more noticeable

Sammy7773808d ago

@true samurai
TR dipped to as low as 18 fps on xbox 1 .Ryse ran at 18 fps at 900p. Not to mention even COD ran at 720p on xbox one along with many other titles. Knack ran at 1080p. There are like 6 xbox one titles which run at 720p only . Bf4 ran at 60 fps 900p on ps4 and 720p 50 fps on xb1. cod after the patch runs at 30fps on xb1

elninels3808d ago


Blame AMD.

EXVirtual3808d ago

The order is not 800p. It's a 1080p game in a letterbox. 1920x800 (what you call 800p) is basically 1080p in a letter box.

scott1823808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )


Actually it is as powerful as people claim, because it is more powerful than the X1, with much proof of the fact. Is there a valid argument to prove otherwise? Most games run well above 30 fps at 1080p also.

frostypants3808d ago

@dedicatedtogamers: Well said. 1080p at the cost of, say, good anti-aliasing is not something everyone would want. ESRAM is holding back the One in general but it isn't preventing 1080p...it just makes it harder to achieve without sacrifice elsewhere. Your's is the best post in this thread.

Edsword3807d ago

Devs may get xb1 games to 1080p, but I actually think that is unlikely. As PS4 tech improves it will become harder to get XB1 games to 1080p and have all the same bells and whistles as the PS4 version. This likely means xb1 games will keep the lower res in order to retain parity in other elements. After all the upscaler on the xb1 is pretty good. There is a reason MS is looking to further improve their upscaling tech.

Utalkin2me3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )


Kinect is forced upon is the major problem. What if you had to buy a TV and it cost more cause it came with a blu ray player. But you could find another TV that performs better and doesn't have the blu ray player that you don't want or need and is alot cheaper, but gives you the option to buy a blu ray player if you want and use it on the TV. It's simple consumer logic, which would you buy?