Gears of War Played On 20-Metre-High Screen

From Spong: "Ok, get ready to be jealous. SPOnG-News spent yesterday afternoon playing Epic's glorious Gears of War. It is, as was expected, nothing less than the most visceral, beautiful action game we've ever experienced.

Not only that, as you can see from the pic of our man Phil right here, we got to play it on London's IMAX cinema screen. The game was projected onto a 20-metre-high screen by a 12000 Lumens Projector, in gloriously loud 5.1 Dolby surround sound.

SPOnG-News also spoke with Thilo, yesterday's projectionist, who told us, "This is the
first time we've ever hooked up an Xbox 360 to a cinema projector and the effect was insane … like a total cinema experience but also interactive."

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Capt CHAOS4449d ago

Even packman.. Still, nice one, wish I could have played GOW on that, will have to be content on my teeny 42" and 1400watts of sounds to be keep me satisfied..

Spunkmeyer434449d ago

Right on chaos, I'm running a 14" crt portable! Bush! With mono 2 watt speaker (built in) 480i! You impressed!!!

Why do people mention TV setups, is it the pen1s extension of the 21 century!!!

sjappie4449d ago

it just might be, couse mine is small but I've got a 50" plasma. lol

THAMMER14449d ago

In my living room I can get a 5' by 6' creen and out side I can have up to 40'. Wvey thing looks good. But you must buy a HD projectoer. The rest blow nadds.

DEIx15x84449d ago

It's a game and a projector. Any game could do it as well as any system. This doesn't really impress me at all, i still remember seeing the people that hooked a projector to an Xbox at the 360 launch and spent the night playing Halo 2 on the entire side of the building.