Rumor: wireless Wii sensor bar from Nyko

Maxconsole has picked up on a rumor that Nyko is developing a cable-free Wii sensor bar using 2.4GHz wireless technology, with a 30-foot range. The device is expected to retail for $30 and, if it does hit the market, could be the solution to our dilemma (see Update 3). Our bet's on Nintendo snipping the cord for a future sensor bar model too.

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PS360WII4454d ago

I know that was some people's problem. Looks like that's fixed now ^^

DEIx15x84454d ago

That sensor bar seems like a big draw back on the wii. Some people don't have a place for that to go by their tv. Does anyone know what it actually senses. I think it may only be utilized for shooters.

ChickeyCantor4453d ago

it wont be a problem for me =D but nice thing though