Sledgehammer’s Next Gen Call of Duty “Pretty Big Jump” Graphically Over Ghosts, Insider Says

Now that the news about the next gen Call of Duty by Sledgehammer Games slated for the fall are out in the wild, rumors about what it’ll entail are starting to trickle down the grapevine.

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Thatguy-3102785d ago

We'll it's Next Gen. I expect it to be graphically better. I'll keep my expectations low though.

Utalkin2me2785d ago

Well technically it wouldn't be that hard to be alot better graphically then Ghost.

TomShoe2785d ago

No one ever bought Call of Duty because it was a looker.

They just need to make the gunplay great. I loved Black Ops II and dumped hundreds of hours into it. Then Ghosts came and I don't play it all. Playing feels like a grind and a camp fest. You can't make big plays either because you die too quickly to do that. Still, since they made MW3, which was a good game in it's own right, I have hope.

Pixel_Enemy2785d ago

Could it be?! A new engine? One that will be rehashed over and over this whole new generation?

yezz2785d ago


You're right but the game looks and feels so dated that there is almost no point to buy it for the new consoles..

There really needs to be a signifigant graphics upgrade and I'm not just talking about textures.

Utalkin2me2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )


Well this article is about graphics and not gunplay. And you first comment backs up what i just said.

But honestly Cod4 had all the hype graphics, gunplay, it won best graphics that year. And they have ridden the exact same engine for years. And really it is just the same old stuff same old assets and same old gunplay.

Dmagic2785d ago

cod when it came out was pretty good graphics wise it made me learn what 60fps looked like.

guitarded772785d ago

I disagree Utalkin2me (with all due respect). Ghosts looked pretty craptastic on next-gen. When compared to Battlefield and Killzone, it looked horrible on both a visual and technical level. The overall models, textures, etc were easy to see... but even more so, the static environments, and clipping through plants, etc were about like the beginning of last gen in quality. I posted vids from PS4 of BF, KZ and Ghosts, showing plants in the environment. I would walk through them and Ghosts would just clip and look like crap. I also looked at the plants in all three games up close, and they were generations (Yeah, I said generationS) apart from Ghosts to BF/KZ. If there isn't some serious increases in the next CoD game, even the unschooled in the gaming community will notice when put up against the games which are using the more powerful tech.

Utalkin2me2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )


You must mistaken me and my comment for someone else. I know Cod looks average as i have stated, besides when "COD4" first came out it looked next gen and gameplay wise. And as i said before they took that same engine and wore it out and it looked like the same thing over and over and no big improvements. And it looks below average even on next gen. Am i missing something?

Kleptic2785d ago

TomShoe...completely correct for the past few years...

but you're kidding yourself if you think no one bought CoD 4 for being great looking at the time...with performance to match...

Problem is that was late 2007...and not one CoD has had the same effect since...

curtis922782d ago

Well... respawn failed with titanfall. Looks worst almost.

ssj272782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Is easy to spot that you are new into gaming or a kid..

COD4:mw was one of the best looking games at the time it launched.. that is why it got so popular, plus the diversity of gamemode and options, it was a fresh game indeed. Sadly they keep reusing the engine that got very outdated right away, that engine had very huge lag even when you play split screen, one thing shows in one screen but the timing and what shows on the other screen is totally wrong and that is very easy to tell when you watch the kill cams.

The gumplay and controls are very over rated, remove auto aim and you have very bad and outdated control's.

Someting Killzone Shadow Fall is not been talked is about how amazing the controls are and there is not Auto Aim in them. I'm amazed on how precise they are.. but i still think killzone 2 controls are better if the lag and dead zone are fixed, the heavy feel in kz2 controls and feeling of firing each gun in it is unique and perfect.

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ZombieKiller2784d ago

Hear that guys? It will have better graphics next gen!

Why does Call of Duty get all the GOOD features?

I'm sorry, I am trolling. I can't help it, COD is a joke anymore. Before the disagrees, put it into perspective: It costs more money to play COD annually (assuming you want the full experience) then it does for an XBL AND PS+ account combined. Not to mention the decreasing quality...
In all seriousness, I think Treyarch needs another year to make this "new" COD game awesome. I have always said it should go away for a year. Finally, it's happening (kind of). Now they have the time they need to make the game function nicely...hopefully.

tawak2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

they been saying that since black ops and ghost, the only big jump people seen is the jump of sales downward.

OhMyGandhi2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I want them to have the balls to say, "it is going to be photo realistic" or something equally outlandish. Saying "pretty big jump in graphics" is such a weak statement.
could you imagine ANY other studio stating that?
imagine Naughty Dog or Sony Santa Monica saying, "it'll look (a bit) better then our previous games."

I have nothing against Sledgehammer, but I actually like it when a developer tries to hype up a certain aspect of their game to ridiculous levels. It raises the stakes. It forces them to deliver the best possible product and protect that claim, and subsequently, their reputation.

kewlkat0072784d ago

What about the gameplay?

Oh yeah the PS2 games will have better graphics then PS1...

King-u-mad2784d ago

How about they just gives us COD4 back... That's the only one that really matters as far as modern combat goes. Classic 3-5-7 Kill streaks only... with the ability to only get them one time only in 1 life. Give us all the original maps. And design new ones. If you are going to rehash the same bullshit just give me the same game... EA Sports does it all the time... Madden... The only they actually tweak is graphics and the core system. You don't see them trying to bullshit me with a Madden: Superbowl Warfare, Madden: World at Bowl or Madden: Quarter Back Ops... To make me think it's a different game... when it's not. If you are going to make the same game over and over... make the best one you had and update it... Cod4... duh...

I know there are others who can agree with this lol. Not everyone, but if you get the point you can agree.

ssj272782d ago

Do keep your expectations low, unless Activision get a new president that demands top quality back into the IP...
Plus untill Activision actually star hiring true, goo and experienced talent to bring quality back into it.

I think COD is done and it will die little by little, they have no true talents into their studio's any more.

I guess that is why they got a smart deal with bungie.

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-Foxtrot2785d ago

Now,'s not just about graphics guys...if it plays the same then it wont matter

You can't polish a turd remember, so dont think a new lick of paint will make it next gen

Abriael2785d ago

Well, "they said" it's gonna be a "new era" for the franchise.

Detoxx2785d ago

They said the same about Ghosts.

Deividas2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Then again, COD developers did think that "Fish A.I." was new and exciting tech....So i wouldnt hold my breath for this.

tokugawa2785d ago Show
-Foxtrot2785d ago

They say that about every new COD game, they also said that Ghosts used a brand new engine and it didn't

Abriael2785d ago

Hence the airquotes around "they said."

NarooN2785d ago

Activision and their developers cannot be trusted.

They said the same goddamned things about Ghosts and we know how that turned out. My expectations are non-existent for this next game.

tokugawa2785d ago

lol my comment was insta deleted by a mod for highlighting the cheap tactics used by n4gs top contributor

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MrSwankSinatra2785d ago

honestly there isn't much they can do in the shooter genre that hasn't already been done. so whether they changed the way it played or not it wouldn't matter.

ABizzel12785d ago

There's plenty that can be done with FPS. The problem is everyone wants to sell and be like COD.

Single player can be greatly improved, from a Michael Bay bro fest, to a true war epic.

Mechanics can use some improvements as well, moving away from point and click auto lock, to requiring skill and strategy would be a big help as well.

OrangePowerz2785d ago

Clearly you didn't see the one episode of Mythbusters where they polish a turd :D

famoussasjohn2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

So you complain that the graphics are the same, but when a story comes out saying the graphics are a bigger jump than what Ghosts offered then it's not about graphics?

I'm sure like most of us would like nicer graphics in COD, as well as an overall better game.

oof462785d ago

Yeah, the issue with CoD has never been the graphics. It's the kitchen sink treatment the multiplayer gets.

The reason the first Modern Warfare is still revered is because of it's simplicity. You didn't have 50 different guns or 100 different attachments or 30 different killstreaks/deathstreaks.

I'm not saying it was a perfect game by any stretch, but the idea that they have to add more and more and more has watered down the franchise.

DeadMansHand2785d ago

Give this man a gold star. That Is exactly why I stopped playing the series. Loadouts, perks up the wahzoo and kill streaks made a match one big slot machine not a warzone.

OutcastMosquito2785d ago

No matter how much you polish a turd, it's still a piece of crap. lol I love that saying XD

Akuma072785d ago

How do you know you can't polish a turd? Have you ever tried?

Utalkin2me2785d ago

Mythbusters says you can polish a turd. The problem is it is still a turd.

lawgone2784d ago

That one got really shiny. I would have put it in a sealed acrylic box and displayed it.

Beastforlifenoob2785d ago

Sledgehammher had 3 yrs to work on this it better be AMAZING or cod is out of the window Ghosts was the worst COD IN HISTORY

Milruka2785d ago

The ironic part is COD hasn't been good since 2.

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Kayant2785d ago

Oh this is from famousmortimer.... Yep this has some weigh seeing as he leaked the initial news of the development in the first place. Good to hear I wonder how gameplay will change though?

But you Cod related stuff I will believe when I see it.

hiptanaka2785d ago

I'll believe it when I see it.

MrBrookwood092785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

LOLOL YEAH RIGHT!! I have more faith in the magical fish with titties that lives at the bottom of the sea.

MasterCornholio2785d ago

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Spongeknob Squarenuts.

Dont ask.........