Plants vs. Zombies 2: EA Now Charging for Lawnmowers in New Update?

The newest update for the free to play mobile title may have landed EA in hot water.

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XiSasukeUchiha1711d ago

XD LMAO really more paywalls!

brish1711d ago

In unrelated news ... EA loses more customers!

UltimateMaster1710d ago

This is why I love EA!
I love how they ruin every single game and some of the best game franchise in the world! /s

guitarded771711d ago

Oh EA, will you ever cease from screwing gamers... and yourself???

Batnut001711d ago

Oh for God's sake EA, You say you want to be a better company but than you go and pull this crap, AGAIN!

Allowen1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

That game was good at the beginning where we could conquer it without spending a single dollar.
But then came the many patches where the devs brought some bugs and were trying their best to force us gamers to spend real money.

Maybe this PvZ2 will be fun again to play once the beta test on smartphones and tablets ends and it is finnaly launches for consoles.

Apple and Google should be more carefull and look for some high quality games to appear on their plataform.
This way it would be a nice incentive for us to go buy this or that high end phone because it can also be used to play some real nice games.

For now no way those super low quality( in general) games we find avaiable for cellphones will never ever replace the interest of gamers in having a dedicated portable console such the 3DS or PSVita.

strigoi8141711d ago

i never finished PvsZ2, almost but they messed it up so bad i lost hype on it

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