How To See If a Game Will Run Before You Buy it

SteamFirst: Ever browse the Steam game store and wonder if a game will run on your gaming rig? Maybe you meet the minimum but not sure by how much? There is a really slick way you can test out any game currently available (both on Steam and Origin as well) before you purchase it.

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SteamPowered2685d ago

That's a good idea. It shows not just the Minimum Requirements, but gives you an idea of how well it will run on your rig. Good article. Can't wait to see it in action.

Dee_912685d ago

ive been using that site since like 2010.It was so frustrating having a Mac that could run a lot of games.. but the OS wasn't supported haha
With GPU/CPU boss site you can see how your card benchmark at its highest settings on some games, like Batman, crysis,witcher, and I think tomb raider.

Spenok2685d ago

I thought this site was common knowledge...

I've been using it since before 2005 0.o

FlameBaitGod2685d ago

Been using that site for years

TheRealTedCruz2685d ago

I thought this was a much known site . . .
I've used to go here constantly, back before I built my first proper gaming rig.

swice2685d ago

I've been looking for a site for years that did this. Man...I must not know how to Google properly :-/

Deividas2685d ago

Yea this site has been around for a longggg time now lol

TheRealTedCruz2685d ago

As long as you aren't using on-board graphics, it does normally give you a fairly accurate idea of just how well you can run the game.

ocelot072685d ago

Can you run it is a load of wank in my opinion. Remember when it said my 7850 and i5 3550 only passed the minimum requirements but Can you run it said it was to weak for max settings. Well I had no issues playing BF3 at max settings at 30+ fps in 1080p.

Dee_912685d ago

but for how long? At the end of the day its only recommendations.My old laptop was recommended to play certain games at medium according to that site.I was also recommended to run certain programs at low to medium that I ran on high.How ever my graphics card died much sooner than it should have, due to over heating and other technical stuff.Besides 30fps isn't max.60fps is :)

SteamFirst2685d ago

I use this site for every game before I buy just to see how well the game will run. Max setting, min settings. It is good to have an idea before purchasing.

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