Master Reboot Review - The Digital Fix

Imagine yourself walking through a dark forest. No, better than that, you’re walking through an acid-trip memory of a dark forest. The only sound you hear is that of your own footsteps through the thick layer of dead leaves that blankets the forest floor and that’s when you realise you’re completely lost. As you stop to get your bearings you notice that those rustling footsteps didn’t stop with you; someone else is walking right next to you and getting closer! You run, looking wildly around for the supernatural hunter that has you in its sights and you see… nothing. But the sound of footsteps continues. A wonderfully tense moment is killed with the revelation that the sound you hear isn’t someone else nearby, they’re not even your own steps, it’s just a recording playing on a loop with no actual danger at all. As the illusion is destroyed, you relax for a moment. That’s when the demonic school girl jumps out.

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