How Sony Became 'The Good Guy'

Chris from SuperCheats takes a look back at the emergence of Sony on the console scene and how it has changed over the years.

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BigFnHooters1808d ago

A rambling and completely worthless two pages of text.

afterMoth1807d ago

I don't know if good or bad but they absolutely nailed what is best for gamers with the PS4. I wish MS and Nintendo had done the same.

ThePope1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Interesting article.

Can I ask you a question. Would you classify the PC as last gen's best for gamers?

The reason I ask is because I can only assume they are the best for gamers based on the fact they're the more powerful console. The PC last gen was FAR superior to the PS3 and 360 (obviously much closer this gen).

Outside of power they have done little that makes them FOR gamers. The Xbox One gives me the ability to make my gaming console the center of my living room. It is a fantastic gaming machine, and offers cool features like voice control, instant switching, TV pass through, etc.

I'm not saying that the One is the gamers console, because I'm not that naïve . But to call the PS4 the gamers console when it has done little in terms of innovation, or push our overall gaming experience, I believe is blind loyalty. If POWER = for gamers, then the PC would rain supreme would it not?

Now before you bring it up, what MS was trying to do with DRM, and used games was a MASSIVE mistake but is not part of the system. So their reversal doesn't make them against gamers. As Sony's stance on DRM and used games make them for gamers. Because companies make mistakes as you and I do. We can't hold it against them forever.

king_george1807d ago


Buuuuut not everyone likes the pc for countless other reasons.. the ps4 (and really sony as a whole) are definitely innovating by bringing some of the most amazing studios (and their games) together under one roof (Sony worldwide studios)

afterMoth1807d ago

MS simply was forced to change their plans. Not because they wanted to, they had to in order to survive.

mediate-this1807d ago

I always here this from people how sony is for the gamer, how are they for the gamer more then micro or nintendo?? I have wii u , ps4 and xbone i dont even play my ps4 atm cause there are no games to play.

They hype up the order with zero gameplay vids, the launch titles were nothing special, micro had the better launch.

Micro had the drm fiasco, the gamers seemed to complain about that and micro reversed it. Sony had drm planned too, just they didnt implement/ mention it cause they seen micro getting backlash.

I would like to know how sony is for teh gama

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Mikey322301807d ago

I never intended on reading it anyway.. but i agree with the headline.

sony took a few steps back last gen.. Somehow, they came back around this gen. Pretty much just by not being an ass at their unveiling like MS

Utalkin2me1807d ago

Just curious of how you think Sony took a few steps backwards as a gamer viewpoint?

Mikey322301807d ago

They were slow at launch, slow to adapt, slow to evolve.

Were you there early? a launch owner?

Things were very... basic. If you can remember Sony didnt want to engage the PS3 being a social platform. In japan at the time, people were interested in gaming being more solitary.

The other markets demanded other wise. Sony has come a long long way, built up their Online network to be one of the best.

Holy cow, do u remember PlayStation Network at its very beginning? Compared to Xbox live it was day and night.

Im a Sony guy, but they took some steps back at the beginning of last gen for sure, from the PS2 age of dominance.

ambientFLIER1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Do you remember the arrogance of Sony execs when the PS3 was launching and how people should get a second job to pay $600, and the lies about how it was going to do 120FPS 1080P through 2 hdmi ports at once? Yeah...

webmednet1808d ago

Thanks for that - I'm sure the author will appreciate your critique.

guyman1807d ago Show
Indo1807d ago

Since they didn't try to take the games from the gamer. Remember what M$ tried to do to the XBox One?

MasterCornholio1807d ago

Let me guess.

Does it have to do with DRM?

MadMen1807d ago

Its real easy

Xbox watched PS3, listened and learned and gained huge market share on SONY.

SONY watched Xbox one, listened and learned, and gained huge market share back.

Key word, Listened - to the people.

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