Kingdom Come shows realistic combat system in twelve minutes

Fourteenth update to Kickstarter campaign of realistic Czech RPG Kingdom Come explain combat system, lot of in-game combat in video

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Milruka1712d ago

Dev wearing Laugh Man shirt.

I'm completely sold.

Am_Ryder1712d ago

That bit about playing one small cog in the giant gears of the battlefield... I've been literally dreaming about that game since I was about ten years old.

I love strategy games, but the idea of the battle developing by itself while you fight a tiny, specific corner of it is something I've always found absurdly appealing.

I just hope at some point it sees a PS4 releaase. And I also hope they add a Realism mode or somesuch where one body stab, or a couple of body slashes, kills you. It's a bit ridic at the end of the video how the player character gets stabbed directly through the chest 3 times before dying.

life281712d ago

It is PC, Xbox One and PS4 only, so next-gen, they just don´t know if their game pass trough SONY and Microsoft conditions to release

Am_Ryder1711d ago

Hah, I should have looked closer. Thanks for keeping me in the loop

grailly1712d ago

I still don't know how the combat plays, but it really looks good, I like the flow of the attacks and paries

Roccetarius1712d ago

Hmm, it doesn't look like something i would enjoy to play. I guess i'll wait and see, but this may be a pass.

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