Iwata on 3DS/Wii U profitability, Mario Kart/Smash will drive Wii U

Thanks to the 3DS’ install base, Nintendo now feels that it can turn a profit with the system’s software.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1711d ago

*Knocks on wood*

Just in case...

sinjonezp1711d ago

Thats the safe bet. I hope so, because the wiiu is limping in this console race. Hope this helps get the legs churning again.

wonderfulmonkeyman1711d ago

If not this, then likely Zelda or X. Or maybe it'll be a third party collaborative title with a Nintendo character that finally gets things moving.
I dunno, I guess we'll see.

tehpees31711d ago

I would like to point out that despite the media rambling and blasting, if you actually pay attention to what sources around you say XBO is doing worse than Wii U was at this point.

Wii U isn't doing hot but hopefully they turn it around.

ABizzel11711d ago

These games are going to sell regardless. They both sold 7 million on GC, but the question is will they pull Wii U out of it's rut.

Let's hope and see.

SageShinigami1711d ago

I'm almost certain I saw articles like this last year, but on the bright side MK8 and Smash 4 are games everyone likes so he might be right this time.

But it still looks bad when they're talking about two games while Sony's out here tweeting about over 100 games to hit their console in the first year.

Good-Smurf1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

For a company that claimed to be worth more than Playstation I expect more than just relying on Italian plumber.
Do something new Nintendo,not your hardware but software.
I liked Mario but you can't rely on him forever.

wonderfulmonkeyman1711d ago

120+ indie titles coming to the system in addition to a few nice third party exclusives and quite a few great first party games.

They're hardly "relying on Mario" anymore. People just haven't realized it yet because Mario is such a huge name...

extermin8or1711d ago

The reason they havent given up on wii u sales is because they say mk8 and smash 4 will sell consoles-which at this point it might well not shift as many as if they'd been ready at launch as they should have been. So yes they are very much relying on mario-most 3rd party games are gimped or delayed or nonexistant on wiiu, that didn't matter for its predessor but the target market is different even if ideally nintendo would like wii users to up and buy new consoles. I think sony realised this last gen hence the lack of emphasis on move-it was a gimick. Ms didnt realise this and its left them with a $100 more expensive console that due to their last min 180's is still selling well. Also indy titles rarely sell consoles on their own-they'll be a plus point for the console but some downloadable indie game isnt going to make me get a console just for it 98% of the time.

Ck1x1711d ago

Correction, they're worth more than Sony as a whole!
Not just Playstation...

SageShinigami1710d ago

@wonderfulmonkeyman: That article wasn't researched properly. Some of those games have been canceled, aren't confirmed for Wii U, and some aren't really indie either.

4ShotKing1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

He said the same thing last year... He also said there wouldn't be software droughts back in the Gamecube, Wii, DS, 3DS and Wii U days but he's never kept his promise, all those systems had major software droughts at one point... Just look at the next few months for the Wii U. I don't see how Nintendo hasn't fired this man yet, he's doing a poor job and just doesn't understand the gaming market. I love Nintendo and want them to succeed, but I can't see it happening with this man still in charge. Always apologizing for his mistakes.

Metallox1711d ago

They will drive and push Wii U sales for two weeks.

LOL_WUT1711d ago

Just like the WiiU launch hmm interesting ;)

Vegamyster1711d ago

They NEED to do Mk8 & Smash bro Wii-U bundles then promote them like crazy.

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