How Hard is Building a Gaming PC? - Casual Friday

Adam Sessler and Nick Robinson are joined this week by Curtis Brown to discuss the trials and tribulations of building a gaming PC. Have you done it? Do you think it's difficult or relatively easy?

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WheatBread1712d ago

It's very easy if you're using intel cpu. AMD still use pins on their cpu so if you accidentally bend them it's a pain in the ass to straighten them. Besides that everything else is simple really you just plug in cables and stuff.

Lon3wolf1712d ago

Yeah wish AMD would get away from that method, still use AMD's but like the Intel method. Saying that there are people out there that are selling damaged Intel sockets on Ebay, god knows how that is managed.

Timesplitter141712d ago

It's very easy and well worth it. This is very helpful : http://www.logicalincrement...

It's a guide for choosing parts that is updated very frequently by people who know what they're talking about

pennywhyz1711d ago

I build my own PC's but what a great link.Ty

TedCruzsTaint1712d ago

Trust me. I had no idea what I was doing when I first decided to build a PC. Watched some tutorials, got a basic understanding of the tech itself, checked places like Tom's Hardware for build suggestions and I ended up extremely happy with my investment.
It's really not that hard. Building a PC, like everything else, is just something you have to learn. Once you have it, you realize it is rather simple.

Somebody1712d ago

I slowly learned how to build PCs through countless magazines a decade ago. Internet wasn't readily available except in towns 2 hours from my old place. There were some rarely-used PCs in my workplace so I unleashed my curiosity on them.

It was a slow journey but it was worth it.

For those interested, give it a try. It's not that hard once you understand the basics. There are thousands of guides available online these days but the basic building process is pretty much the same.

starchild1711d ago

Couldn't agree more. Just do a little research and it's fairly easy.

Rubberlegs1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Its pretty simple, its like building up an adult size lego. Ram sticks, video cards and whatever else your putting in it can only fit in specific slots so you don't have worry putting something in the wrong slot on the motherboard. Same with wiring up the powersupply. Just crack open any computer and you can get a good idea what hooks up to what.

Really the hardest part of it all is picking what hardware you want to use but that's also the fun part about it too.

Volkama1711d ago

Easy unless something doesn't work. A single faulty component can turn the simple puzzle into a complete ball ache.

Rubberlegs1711d ago

Even that's easy to figure out now compared to how it was back in the day. All motherboards now have 2 digit LED bios code on the board that will tell you if something is wrong by looking up the code in the manual.

Its best just to buy a cheap test bench that will let you mount everything on it before putting it into the case.

Volkama1711d ago

For sure, but even if you know what the fault is and how to fix it it's still a pain going through vendor RMA processes and what not (if you're as impatient as I am anyway).

When I upgraded to an R9 290 I very nearly sent it back faulty. No diagnostic clues anywhere, just wouldn't output anything on the screen or boot an OS.

Turns out an i7-3820 supports PCIE 3.0 at a silicon level, but isn't actually officially compatible. It tries though, if you auto-detect.

To get my card working I had to stick an older graphics card in, update my BIOS, force PCIE down to gen 2. If this was my first PC build and/or I didn't have spare parts around it would have been a total ball ache.

sinspirit1712d ago

How hard is it to solve a rubiks cube? Much harder than building a PC.

Building a PC is just a simple, but more intimidating, puzzle. After watching a basic guide I built one in one go without having to double-check if I'm doing it right.

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