Comparing NBA Live 14′s Graphics Post Patch

GoodGameBro writes, "The second significant title update to NBA Live 14 is now available for Xbox One and PS4. The update includes graphical improvements, improved controls and physics, and an all-new Shootaround mode.

Many media reviews in November mentioned the lack of graphic fidelity in NBA Live 14, especially when compared to NBA 2K14. However, the team at EA SPORTS aims to fix that with their new update.

We decided to capture 8 screenshots of NBA Live 14 pre-patch and post-patch to directly compare the improvements. The screenshots include Carmelo Anthony, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Victor Oladipo, Paul Pierce, Derrick Rose and John Wall."

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C-H-E-F2816d ago

Looks like all they did was improved lighting, smh this is by far the most terrible looking game I've seen released since Duke Nukem.

Muffins12232816d ago

On last gen,nextgen version was amazinggg

Patrick_pk442816d ago

This is NBA Live by EA. I think you mean't NBA 2K14 was amazing.

minimur122816d ago

to be fair, you can't deny attention to detail. I doubt many people noticed but the update has updated sme of the models aswell, if you look at this photo
they've added vein definition to the guy, so I'm impressed in terms of detail, but not in terms of graphics.

Is it just me or does this guy look like he's eaten a lemon?

Kevin263852816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Everyone knows that the game is not stunning visually, especially when compared to NBA 2K14. However, I think the lighting is a great adjustment that makes the game look a lot better.

It is nice to see an update like this months after the game releases. I can't remember a sports title that had a patch updating graphics/lighting/uniforms/pla yer skin tone.

Darkspade2816d ago

thats because they only can do this now on X1 since you have to install the full game.. Now they can release any crap and just keep updating it down the line..

that being said the graphic's weren't the only problem with this game..

dantesparda2815d ago

huh? what are you talking about? you have to install the full game on PS4 too

Back-to-Back2815d ago

Changing the graphics instead of improving the robotic player animations. Sounds like something EA would do.

Fishermenofwar2816d ago

I know I'll get roasted for this..But 2K can't get the overall experience that live has..just my opinion

Deividas2816d ago

Stop trying to justify your ridiculous purchase and accept you messed up.

NBA 2K14 blows this game out of the water. Not just graphically at all, in every aspect. The My General Manager mode is incredibly in depth, from talking to your players to how much seating cost. I was one of the biggest supporters of NBA Live when it was announced and had such high hopes because 2K was getting stale....but as soon as i found out how this was and how 2K was....easy, easy choice.

Kevin263852816d ago

I don't think 2k deserves a full pass here. Their virtual currency/online is a complete mess.

Fishermenofwar2816d ago

Justify what purchase??

Who said I purchased it?? way to jump to an enormous conclusion....

I've always been a live fan and I like it better.

Sorry that my opinion offends you...SMH

I've played the game on my friends ps4 and I like it better....once again my opinion..

PS: FISHERMANOFWAR is my psn ID you can see I've never played it on my system...

tiremfej2816d ago

Live has a LOOOOONG way to go to catch up with the 2K series...don't fool yourself. It simply isn't a good game...maybe in two year no. With the way EA

SoulSercher6202815d ago

The last Live game I played was Live 08. It was so bad earlier 2K games played better. Live has fallen from grace while 2K is on the throne.

NYC_Gamer2816d ago

Live 14 will continue to be ugly in the graphics department and mediocre in terms of gameplay/animations

bleedsoe9mm2816d ago

madden gets a pass because its the only nfl game but its just as ugly

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