Grappling with EA Sports UFC - AusGamers Hands-On Preview

AusGamers recently went hands-on with a preview build of EA Sports UFC and writes:

"I'm properly in love with the system they've got. You feel the tension of the moment when you're trying to escape from an Armbar, and if they manage to lock it in further just before you can escape, you have to put aside your immediate disappointment to focus on still moving to get out. I practiced Jiu-Jitsu for years and it's rare that you see a game force you into mental acrobatics in a similar way -- though obviously no game can replicate all the subtleties of grappling."

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Doritos_Pope1763d ago

Its amazing how all these UFC hands on articles read like PR statements

SteamPowered1763d ago

I'm still sad they didn't use the submission system from Undisputed 1.

billythepunk1763d ago

Doritos_Pope, can you explain how an in-depth breakdown of required moves and controller uses in a game like this, with an abover-average understanding of the sport translates to a press release? Did you actually read the article?

Mills931763d ago

Sounds good really can't wait, first comment must just really hate EA and the UFC