Project Gotham Racing 5 for Xbox One Rumored to be in the Works

Koku writes: "Microsoft is keeping shush about the future of the franchise because of the attention Forza 5 has received, they have been working with third party developers to revive the PGR franchise. Microsoft has also renewed the Project Gotham Racing trademark. You may recall from the article posted on Develop, they were interviewing many European developers in hopes of finding a studio that will work on the next game in the series, well they have found un-announced developer and are waiting before they make any announcements."

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Cinotix2805d ago

It's about the damn time. I like Forza but it's been turning into a call of duty yearly release garbage. I can't complaint forza 5 turned out well but the 2 forza games before were garbage.

InTheLab2805d ago

Dude are you nuts? Forza 4 was almost as good as Forza 3 Ultimate and Horizon was something completely different. F5 is easily the worst.


I forza 5 is collecting dust,I don't really care for it at all.

LexHazard792805d ago

You obviously havent played Forza because from all indication Forza 5 is the worst of them all!! Forza 3? Forza 4? Are you serious? Forza 4 is the shit!

Gamer6662805d ago

I thought Forza 4 was a bit redundant, but Forza Horizon was a very cool way to use the Forza engine. I had a blast driving around that area of Colorado in an Aventor.

I would like to see a three year cycle.

Year 1: Forza the pure racing sim (aka Forza 5)
Year 2: Forza Horizon the racing sim set in an open world.
Year 3: Project Gotham Racing

Ziriux2805d ago

Cinotix you're blind or you haven't played Forza 3 or 4. Forza 5 is ok for about a day but it feels so routine. Does anyone else think they could have had more tracks in different parts of the world. I feel short changed when it comes to Forza 5. Oh well hopefully PGR 5 feels the void.


pgr2,3 AND many hrs spent and so much fun had on xbox live with this game!

hollabox2805d ago

Aw man bring back PGR, Forza can kinda boring but PGR is probably my 2nd best racing series behind Need for Speed all time.

AngelicIceDiamond2805d ago

Another racing game? Hmm I guess.

andrewsqual2805d ago

Hopefully the hardware won't hold it back again. Remember this back in the day?

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Ziriux2805d ago

The Kudos system! That's all I'm going to say, being rewarded for drifting the whole time. The soundtrack was one of the most enjoyable things to me about the game as well. Loved it all. :)

Neoninja2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I hope this is true! Would be awesome having a new pgr on the X1. Hopefully more information trickles out regarding this rumor.

I agree with you, I like Turn 10 and I think they do good work, but they already have Forza and Forza Horizon. If this rumor has any truth to it then I wonder what development team will be tackling pgr. As long as they keep it stylish, fast, and fun then it will be Kudos to them!

Ziriux2805d ago

I'm glad Turn 10 is not going to work on the game, I think same developer working on two racing franchises is waste of a resource and can be bard to focus on two big projects and produce quality at the same time.

SavageKuma2805d ago

I thought the company went belly up though, but damn that is some great news indeed.

B1uBurneR2805d ago

Do we really need another SIM racer? We need more racer like burnout ...before that garbage burnout paradise

Mikefizzled2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I'd probably call it more of an arcade racer over a sim. Games like Project CARS, Assetto Corsa and Gran Turismo are sim, Forza as well but less so.

gamer20132805d ago

No, Games like Project CARS and Assetto Corsa are sim Grand Turismo and Forza less so.

Ziriux2805d ago

PGR is hardly a SIM racer, it's pretty arcade, I would say it's only a SIM in regards to the cars actually being licensed vehicles but in it's mechanics it's arcade.

Does anyone else agree with me that the tracks are much better and more alive in PGR than the forza games? Please don't let me be the only person to think that.

AutoCad2805d ago

PGR is comparable to driveclub
far from a sim racing game

mhunterjr2805d ago

Project Gotham isn't close to being a Sim. The game is about driving luxury sports cars around the inner city, power sliding as often as possible... It's not realistic (simulation) at all.. It's just a lot of fun.

memots2803d ago

You obviously never played it. It's far from a sim

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