GameCube Virtual Console Could Give Wii U Direction

SheAttack: "Many critics of the Wii U say that it’s setting itself up to be the GameCube 2.0. My rebuttal to that would be “Yes!”, using my best Captain Falcon impression. If the Wii U were to make their current audience familiar again with games such as, Geist, Eternal Darkness, Baiten Kaitos, Timesplitters, Viewtiful Joe, the Metroid Prime series, Wave Race, Battalion Wars, etc., that could lead to Nintendo go back in that direction and give the core gamers what they truly want – core titles."

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Concertoine1710d ago

I would like to see some new features if they went to the trouble of porting gamecube games and likely charging 15 bucks at the least. I can only imagine the kind of hype melee with online play could generate.

Myst1710d ago

That's one thing that I wish they had for some VC games. Online play, I mean I know it's not possible for some but a few it seems like they could perhaps do? I would love to play Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1+2 again.

wonderfulmonkeyman1710d ago

Online for existing titles is a good idea, but tbh, I'd much rather see them revive games that we haven't played in forever. Obscure titles like Metal Arms: Glitch in the System.

Starbucks_Fan1710d ago

I would not mind paying $15 for certain GC games. Many go for $25-$50 used on eBay.

yugovega1710d ago

it'd work better for them to have a team on a 6 month cycle thats sole purpose is to remake gamecube games in hd in the same fashion as wind waker. sunshine, fzero, warioworld, waverace, and even star fox adventures. 2 good releases per year added to their new releases instantly.

2pacalypsenow1710d ago

Hopefully I would gladly buy MGS the twin snakes to play in my wii u

McScroggz1710d ago

I'd love for Nintendo to focus more on the core gamer, but I don't know if it's what best for them.

I believe the Wii U was the first home console Nintendo sold at a loss. This is relevant because the GameCube was actually a pretty powerful console relative to its competitor's, and subsequently had some very good looking games. I don't think Nintendo, with their current management, will opt to make a competitively powerful next console and I'm not sure that the general gaming enthusiast would buy into another underpowered Nintendo console just because of Metroid and F-Zero. Remember, the GameCube is Nintendo's worst selling home console ever.

I know a lot of people think the solution to Nintendo's problems are easy; but they are far from easy. If you think just games and marketing is all they need that's been proven to be wrong. If you think focusing more on the core is what's needed, that hasn't worked for Nintendo in the past with more momentum and goodwill than they have now. If you think they need to double down on casuals that's a shrinking market that is very fickle.

You get my point.

The truth is, there is no one simple solution. Nintendo needs to make a console that is sold at a profit, yet is both close enough in architecture and powerful enough to at the very least get ports of third party games. Nintendo absolutely has to at the very least get the biggest third party games on their system. Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, GTA, all of them. They need an online infrastructure and overall account system that is modern - along with the apps and amenities gamers expect. They need to invest in new IP's and reviving old IP's to appeal to the core gamer. They need to continue to make wonderful, eccentric and family friendly games. They need to do all this and more. If they don't, Mario/Zelda/Donkey Kong/Smash/Kart, etc. WILL NOT BE ENOUGH.

I know as gamers it's easy to say all a company has to do is make good games. But truthfully, for a console to succeed it needs a lot of things. The Wii U has some great games, and will likely get some great games this year. But Nintendo got most of the above wrong, and we see where the Wii U is at financially.

jgrigs091710d ago

You know if it was possible to put Jet Force Gemini on the wii u. I would buy it in a heart beat. Loved that game

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