State of Decay Interview - Pixel Judge

PJ: "First it was a distant dream of a sparkling, zombie infested future, then it was a game on the XBLA, then a staggering demand for a PC port brought it to our eager, hungry hands and eyes. We recently had the pleasure of talking to Sanya Weathers of Undead Labs, the people behind the increasingly successful State of Decay. We talked about how the game came to be, what the plans are for its future, and what Undead Labs are planning to do next. Oh yeah, and we also found the time to talk about some work stuff in there as well."

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hankmoody1711d ago

I've had State of Decay in my system since it came out and now that I've finally started playing it, I can't stress how awesome this game actually is. I recently lost my main go to character in a horrible way and it had the same effect on me as any loss I've ever felt in any book, movie or TV show where a character I was invested in kicked the bucket.