PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset Unboxing / First Impressions

Rich Drummond of Richie D Rants writes:

"If you’ve been following Richie D Rants for some time now, you’ll notice that I’m a sucker for headphones, gaming or not. I’ve been in love with he Afterglow Prismatics from PDP, but due to the receiver not fitting correctly, I was looking for a new set to use on my PS4. When I heard Sony was coming out with one, I made sure to keep and eye out for it and with Best Buy’s help, I was able to get it before Tuesday!"

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Mikey322301715d ago

What charging cable does it use?

Same as the Dualshock 4?

or is it the same as the Pulse elite and Dualshock 3?

NinjaRichParty1715d ago

It uses the same as the Dualshock 4. :)

ZodTheRipper1714d ago

Since my local stores only get them in March I've ordered mine here for about 76€

That's even with shipping cheaper than the normal price (89€). :)

UltimateMaster1714d ago

It is the same as the DS4 and Android Phones.

Vitalogy1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

@Zod18 are you from Portugal? I actually use to buy stuff from and I also did some math about those headsets and came to the same price XD

Still not sure if I'll get 'em simply becuase I have the Pulse Elite which I still thing they might offer a better experience mostly because of the bass impact.

LOGICWINS1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

I'm assuming it uses the charging cable that came with the PS4.

Its great that Sony made the Pulse Wireless Headsets compatible wirelessly with the PS4 with the recent firmware update, but Sony neglected to mention that the PS4's charging cable will NOT work with the Pulse Elites. Not that big a deal as you can get a PS3 cable for under 10 bucks, but they should have mentioned it.

Either way, I'm upgrading to the Elite Version of the Gold Headsets. I just love the way they snap into place. The Pulse Wireless Headsets Elite Edition have fantastic sound quality but the build quality is trash(Not as bad as Trittons, but still bad).

Mines have been cracked on both sides for months. People on Amazon have complained about the same thing. I called customer service and Sony essentially wiped their hands of it saying " do we know that YOU didn't break the headsets yourself?"


JoGam1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

OH SHAP, You are absolutely correct. I also called Sony and yes they did wipe there hands from it. They said not enough people are complaining about them so they don't have an idea if its just a isolated situation or the headphones need to be redesigned. I told Sony I wanted to buy the Elites but because they crack I wasn't.

Is the Pulse headphones app out yet for PS4?

LeoDDestroyer1715d ago

I have had my pulse elites since sept. and have no issue with them so I will have to disagree with on the pulse elite build quality.

JoGam1714d ago

At LeoDDestroyer, I thought the same thing until I google Pulse Elite Headphones cracking.

LOGICWINS1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Leo, I bought mines in December 2012. You likely have a newer version with improved build quality.

@Jogam- Idk, I was too lazy to use the app on the PS3 so idk about the PS4 lol.

dantesparda1714d ago

Yeah, i have to say that Sony has some of the worst customer service I've ever seen, they really need to change that. But alas the fanboys will probably just disagree me way and sweep this under the rug. I had to deal with them when my original PS3 died 3 yrs later (bought it in 2007 died in 2010) and with the rubber on my DS4 rubbing off to the plastic in just 6 days.

Thehyph1714d ago

All of these headsets fall under a warranty for PlayStation devices. Unfortunately, the warranty for things tagged PlayStation is not as good as the warranty given to consumer headphones from Sony.
Strangely, there's a big difference.

As to the app, I concur, it was mostly a waste of time on the ps3. The headset doesn't need the app for the sound profiles anyway. It was only needed to change them. The profiles will work regardless of what and where the phones are playing.

I do, however, believe that a mobile app could be beneficial to get some relief from the amount of buttons and sliders on the ear cups.
In fact, after writing that, I hope that's what happens.

dantesparda1714d ago

Like i said, there goes the fanboys disagreeing. So you're telling me Sony has good customer service? Just wait til you have to deal with them, you'll see

Christopher1714d ago

LOGICWINS, I posted a quick review of the PulseElite on the forums. I was going to get the Gold, but the Amazon seller sent me the more expensive PulseElite instead.

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daggertoes831715d ago

The one used with your ps4 can be used on this however the system has to be on of course to charge. Defeats the purpose of wireless if using while playing. It comes with its own cord as well that I plug into my iPad charger to charge while not playing. Battery last approximate 8 hours on a 3 hour charge. Got mine couple days ago and love.

dantesparda1714d ago

It wont charge them when the system is on standby? Also make sure you have the option turned on to charge while in standby

wastedcells1714d ago

Just picked these up today and I'm super impressed. For $99 it's a great value. I have a ps4 and vita but I'm using them on my pc and they are better then my $350 turtle beach headphones.

ScubbaSteve1714d ago

How's the mic on the PC? I had bought the ps3 wireless headset and the damn thing wouldn't let me adjust my mic volume on pc and nobody could ever hear me. As a result I could only use them on the ps3 and I would have just bought a different headset had I known.

wastedcells1714d ago

Mic is fine. Has adjustable volume on it or thu software from 3rd parties like team speak.

Kleptic1714d ago

^agreed...I use TS and Dolby Axon for voip all the time, and it has built in sliders for all that...

but also, what version of windows are you on?...pretty sure realtek makes a generic driver for any main board, which will give you input/output volume sliders for any USB headset (including the PS3 wireless one, I'm still using that too)...not positive though, my included realtek driver does that...

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ToastyMcNibbles1715d ago

Been calling Gamestop all week for this. Want it badly. Held off playing Outlast so I can try it with the new headset. Anyone know if it'll release Tuesday?

NinjaRichParty1715d ago

It should. All the ones I've called say it will. Although if you plan on paying it in full, Best Buy has them in stock now.

Riderz13371715d ago

Make sure you also buy diapers if you plan on playing Outlast with a headset...


no lie had me buggin THE HELL OUT with my astro's.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1714d ago

I gave up on Outlast. Man I've never played anything like that before. I may attempt to go back to it someday.

Eonjay1714d ago

I will be picking these up tomorrow.

N81714d ago

I did the same thing. I got mine today . go to best buy the GameStop girl looked at me like I had two heads when I asked for it

ToastyMcNibbles1714d ago

Thanks guys. I only mention Gamestop because I actually have a $60 gift card. So I figured I would use that and pay the rest otherwise I would have definitely went to Best Buy. Can't wait to crap my pants playing Outlast with this bad boy.

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GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

so this does, or doesn't rumble like the pulse elites?

d4sholil11714d ago

There is a ton of them at Fry's Electronics; went there on Saturday!

Unknown_Soldier1714d ago

Just saw an ass ton of them at my Best Buy two days ago. Were they early or did I read something wrong?

ZodTheRipper1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

I think planned release was on February 10th, at least for NA. Europe gets them much later of course -.-

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