USA Weekly Chart Week Ending 2/1/2014

Gen 8 Hardware Totals (US)
PS4 74,087 (+25%) 2,337,718
XOne 54,730 (+10%) 2,172,088
WiiU 23,939 (+29%) 2,254,964

Gen 8 Software Totals (US)
PS4 172,149 (+45%) 4,757,335
XOne 137,827 (+18%) 5,389,019
WiiU 96,711 (+14%) 9,277,393

Top 5
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (PS4) Action 38,624
Minecraft (X360) Adventure 37,808
Call of Duty: Ghosts (X360) Shooter 36,674
Grand Theft Auto V (X360) Action 29,637
Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) Action 23,929

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Lucreto1709d ago

That site is the Rasmussen of the gaming world. Always favouring Xbox when all signs point the opposite.

Saying that Microsoft strategy to focus on the main markets has kept the supply chain moving and the impatient people who can't find a PS4 will get an Xbox instead. Sony is stretching supply thin and another launch in two weeks.

Kribwalker1709d ago

Take your blinders off. Microsoft announced 80million xboxes sold before sony had 80million ps3s sold and yet ps3 was still ahead in sales on that site in oct. As well even after Microsoft had announced over 3 million Xbox ones sold, that site kept them at 2.7 million for weeks. If anything, that guy that runs that site is pro sony. Smarten up son and look back at some of the history on there

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torchic1709d ago

okay so if I make an announcement today that I bought a car, and yesterday you announced that you bought a car does that mean automatically mean you bought a car before me? has it ever occurred to you that people can say what they want to say, whenever they please?

PS3 sailed past X360 a long time before the 80mn announcements, can't believe people are STILL trying to argue that X360 is ahead of PS3 that's a real shame man :(

Kribwalker1709d ago
2 full months after the press release of xbox 360 hitting 80mil and it's still lessthen that on vgchartz.

And no matter who has more units sold, Nintendo and Microsoft won the last generation. PS3 has sold 54% as many units as ps2 and Nintendo and Microsoft grew their market share exponentially compared to the previous generation. There will never be another generation like the ps2 generation.

NatureOfLogic1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Xbox One is losing USA and global sales now. Not looking good for MS. At this rate, PS4 will have total dominance over the market by the end of the year. Congrates to Sony for taking USA back. As for Xbox One, there's a possibility that MS's new CEO may get rid of Xbox. Tough times ahead for the Xbox camp. Maybe Titanfall can save the day.....We'll see.

hollabox1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Oh my God this site must be populated by over sensitive teenagers who argue over 150,000 units or so hardware wise, but yet software lags behind by 600,000 units. So if XB1 sells 1 unit more next week it will be the same garbage, well we sold 1 more units than the PS4 ha! The next week PS4 sells 2 units more and the XB1 is not looking good, its dead in the water. Next argument, I can pick up XB1 anytime I want, oh yeah, I have to wait two weeks before my PS4 is delivered because demand is so high, ha!

Both systems are doing great rather its hardware or software. Both systems will be around for the next 6 years or so unless one company goes bankrupt. So enjoy your damn systems content, game on gamers and stop with this junior high behavior it makes gamers look bad.

Boody-Bandit1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

I just did a quick search online in the U.S. for both the X1 and PS4.

Standard system (not bundled)
Amazon - X1 in stock / PS4 none
Walmart - X1 in stock / PS4 none
Best Buy - X1 in stock / PS4 none
Gamestop - X1 in stock / PS4 none
ToysRus - X1 in stock / PS4 none

Are we seeing a pattern here?

Sony still cant even come close to keeping up with the supply and they are still ahead in America. What do you think will happen when Sony does meet that supply? Seriously peeps, move along. There is nothing to see here.

Right now Sony is nearly 2 million ahead worldwide. Sony launches in Japan in a week. A country that MS can't give away X1 consoles and again Sony can't keep up with the supply in practically any region they have released the PS4. The more and more Sony manufactures PS4's, the more and more that gap will widen.

I'm just stating the obvious.

scott1821708d ago

good to see the ps4 still doing great!

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Mr-Dude1709d ago

Well, I don;t know about that little Xbox boy faking numbers. But I do know that US is XB1 and the rest of the world is pretty much PS4...

avengers19781709d ago

PS4 is outselling XB1 in the United States as well.

SmielmaN1708d ago

I believe Sony is outselling MS despite being sold out for a number of weeks in NA. That's crazy and prob why MS is trying numerous tactics to take back home field advantage. Next stop is price drop but dropping the price early in a consoles life cycle is a sign of desperation, according to MS when PS3 dropped its price first last gen.

morganfell1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Supply is beginning to catch up with demand in the US. the PS4 Japan launch is only a week and a half away.

thorstein1708d ago

Global Hardware by Platform
Platform Weekly (change) Total
PS4 146,409 (-8%) 4,889,669
3DS 134,129 (-11%) 42,689,646
XOne 76,995 (-12%) 3,359,572
PS3 67,526 (-9%) 81,040,420
WiiU 42,318 (-11%) 5,628,398

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360ICE1709d ago

I find that everytime there's an VGchartz post, someone has to be explained how VGchartz actually works. They extrapolate sales numbers from certain stores. They don't care who wins, as if anyone except fanboys do, and if Sony is stretching supply thin, then yes, that will impact these numbers to MS's favour.

Also, these are U.S. numbers. Still Xbox's best market, so that PS4 is leading here is quite impressive. Take that into consideration.

mediate-this1708d ago

Na has always been sony market, why do people say other wise, micro took the chunk out of sonys market bot the other way around.

Global companies sell globally, just cause sony started in japan dont mean they arent stationed else where.

MysticStrummer1708d ago

"Na has always been sony market, why do people say other wise"

Because 360 outsold PS3 by quite a bit in NA. MS took that market last gen, and now Sony appears to be taking it back.

360ICE1708d ago

I don't know, why do you write that as a reply to me? I said that it was Xbox's best market, not that it was Xbox's market.

Also, as MysticStrummer says, Xbox 360 did in fact sell better than PS3 in NA.

SilentNegotiator1708d ago

"That site is the Rasmussen of the gaming world. Always favouring Xbox when all signs point the opposite"

WTF are you talking about? They estimated that PS4 outsold the Xbox by 25,000 that week and this is just the US.

morganfell1708d ago

I think we will find the gap is larger than 25K. PS4s are beginning to ship in quantity to the US.

CrowbaitBob1708d ago

N4G community:
If someone says that even a single Microsoft console has sold, ever, in the history of history (not merely shipped), they must be a Microsoft shill.

SilentNegotiator1708d ago


We're talking about a single one region...which is one of the only regions that tend to prefer Xbox over PS.

I doubt 25K is that far off.

thorstein1708d ago

What is even more interesting, is that the PS3 nearly sold as much as the X1... let that sink in for a moment.

The PS4 outsold the X1 worldwide 2:1. The PS3 was outsold by the X1 by 9000 units world wide. World Wide. That doesn't look good for X1.

ITPython1708d ago

These sales numbers say a few obvious things:

1. It shows how many PS4's Sony can make (since they sell instantly when in stock)

2. It shows that the XB1 is still behind despite having plenty of stock at every store across the US while those same stores carry no PS4 stock (essentially no competition for the XB1).

So while the overall sales may look close for the US, they are nowhere close to what the demand calls for. If both systems had an infinite amount available, I think we all know the PS4 would easily have over 10 million sales at this point while the XB1 would be struggling to get past 1 million (since a large part of their sales is because impatient people can't find a PS4).

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GraveLord1709d ago

PS4 is dominating US now that supply is healthier.

Beastforlifenoob1709d ago

Yep my PS4 shipment finally arrived last Saturday :)

Loving it assassins creed 4 + outlast+ 1 other game i will choose (probs infamous ma favourite series)

SmielmaN1708d ago

AC4 was amazing eh? Resogun is awesome too. Try KZ, it's better than ppl give it credit for. I'm currently playing tomb raider, injustice, outlast on PS4 and trying to plow through DMC on PS3 so I can get back to all the small downlodable titles in my queue

Gamer19821709d ago

Yep supply dropped for a few weeks while they readed the supply for the Japan launch (less than 2 weeks away). Yeah That's a good point.. Sonys already dominating worldwide over Xbone WITHOUT Japan one of its biggest markets (sold 10 million ps3s there so far compared to Xbox 360 1.7million). Imagine how far they are gonna pull ahead once its released in Japan? Should MS be worried? Thats not for me to decide as theres a lot of time left in this race but with Sony finally taking back the US and UK the only territories MS had its not looking great for MS.