The Order: 1886, inFamous: Second Son and MLB 14: The Show Unveiled to NA Media: Info Blowout Soon

Sony Computer Entertainment is currently hosting a media summit for the North american press in Santa Monica. Besides the announcement of the upcoming release of the new and slimmer PS Vita and the God of War and Sly Cooper Collections media attendees are getting to see something quite interesting.

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theXtReMe11714d ago

Awesome! Three of my most wanted games. I can't wait till next week, when we get the info blowout. Especially with MLB 14.

Abriael1714d ago

It's actually funny that despite it being an annual series, it's the one we know the least about between the three.

abzdine1714d ago

looking forward to see how MLB: The Show will be and how much it will sell.
The fact that it's the only baseball licenced game on console will be a massive move from Sony.

thekhurg1714d ago

I find it strange that The Order is already party of this media blowout, considering it's so far off from release (or so I assume).

Going to make for a LONG wait before I get to play it. :(

Abriael1714d ago

it's not THAT long. It's like 6 months away. but the demo wasn't playable.

Akuma071714d ago

What is there to know, it is baseball. Nuff said.

pwnsause_returns1714d ago


Its not that its just baseball. Its how what it might look on PS4.

LexHazard791714d ago

It the best baseball game franchise since High Heat and MVP!

Eonjay1714d ago

Do you think that the playable demo my be an indication of a demo coming to all?

Ashunderfire861714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Actually its not much of a mystery at all. Look at this mind blown trailer for the MLB 14.

Oh_Yeah1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Because it'll basically be the same as the last one, with updated graphics/ rosters...not much explaining to do. Not saying it won't look and play the ones on ps3 already did so, but there's not too much to add, unless they really up the physics and include sports center with interviews, post game shows, what's going on around the league. Like what they did in espn nfl 2k5 that'd be awesome and the only real big addition they could make worth mentioning. Which I don't think they'll be doing.

GhostTurtle1713d ago

It seems like each year the Show beats itself in becoming the best Baseball game ever. Have no doubt 14 will do it again lol. Can't wait!!!!!

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elninels1714d ago

It's not ken griffey jr baseball.

SmielmaN1713d ago

Lol. I did enjoy KG Jr BB as a kid! But, The Show is not only a great baseball sim, but a great game in terms of graphics, gameplay, presentation, modes

Christopher1714d ago

As long as it isn't the same inFamous: Second Son demo we've been seeing for the last year.

RytGear1714d ago

I don't know about you but I do not want parts of the game spoiled by someone on the internet. Explore it for yourself man!

showtimefolks1714d ago

all 3 are day one buys for me. As a huge baseball fan i can't wait to see what more horsepower can do for MLB the show presentation wise

Improve commentary
please improve online play
a more focused/realistic career mode with all the off field stuff
be an owner mode where you control every small aspect of the team

please improve off season mode, because offseason mode in the show is nothing more than few pages and than you start new season again

for as great as MLB the show has been, the potential for so much more is still there

Infamous 2nd son, what else can we say its sucker punch and they know what they are doing. Sony gave them enough time since infamous 2

Ready at Dawn's game could be the biggest sony game of 2014, and here is why. If it ends up being right up there in mid 90s review wise, than i see sony pushing few of there other big titles into early 2015. The order 1886 could be the next Uncharted and RAD could be the next ND team

Tontus1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Do you really think The Order 1886 needs to score 92.5-97.5% before Sony realise they have a gem that deserves their attention? Anything 90+ will do.

During the PS3's lifetime how many games published by Sony scored in that range? I count only 5: Uncharted 2, The Last of Us, LittleBigPlanet, God of War III and Journey... I think The Order 1886 will be amazing but won't score in that range, have a feeling critics will be harsh.

And I hope TO:1886 is the next TLoU and not UC, that game is far more beloved and popular and that's what RaD deserve with their new game, I just know it's going to be great! :)

showtimefolks1714d ago


my intention was not to say the game had to score that, the point i was trying to make is if the order receives TLOU type of reception than sony could push a couple of fall 2014 games to early 2015 to focus their advertisement resources on the order 1886

also i don't agree with you. I believe TLOU is as close to a perfect game as we have gotten and i will say the same thing for uncharted 2

Also i don't know where your came up with conclusion that critics will be hard on the order 1886, if its an excellent game i think it will get the reception it deserves

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TBONEJF1713d ago

I prefer watching 1886. why get excited over the same sport franchise year after year

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jay21714d ago

There's nothing new there.

jay21714d ago

Erm. we were told we'd see T.O and ISS next week.

pandaboy1714d ago

International Superstar Soccer? yes please :)

HighResHero1714d ago

I'm really looking forward to this.

bobsmith1714d ago

what about driveclub was supposed to be launch game ya right

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WeAreLegion1714d ago

My guess is they're revealing it with VR support later.

Akuma071714d ago

Speak proper english......

Driveclub will be released when it is ready, would you rather it be released sooner and be less than what it could have been if you were more patient?

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