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Paul Izod reviews the Steam Final Fantasy VIII HD Re-Mastered Edition on PC

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LAWSON721711d ago

I got to get this soon. I got FF7 rerelease and I thought it was pretty good with the improved character and enemy models in battle. The soundtrack was supposedly not as good so I patched it with the original. Great game and it was nice to play it on Steam.

maximus19851711d ago

interesting, didnt know PC gets hd revisions of classics like 7 and 8. i need a gaming pc

LAWSON721711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

They are nothing huge HD wise and any laptop with newer iGPUs could handle the game probably. Dont go out and spend $800 on a PC to play FF7 now lol
Great comparison here though he plays in 4:3, when the game looks good also in 16:9

Lon3wolf1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

The release of FF7 on Steam now has the Midi soundtrack back. Oddly 8 does not.

noxeven1711d ago

I'm personally hoping that they release 9 for steam soon as well then that ends the pc releases of ff if i remember

Pozzle1710d ago

The lack of love that FFIX gets from Square makes me sad. :(

DC7771710d ago

8 is my favorite. Love the card game too.