Top 5 Worst Game Sequels of All Time

When a new game comes out that thrills and excites the focus immediately shifts to a sequel. Some game sequels are rushed, unplayable disasters which are a blatant attempt on cashing in off the reputation of the original. Here I list my top 5 biggest disappointments, would any of these be in your top 5?

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ziggurcat3519d ago

I really liked super mario 2...

and I don't know why Zelda II isn't on there...

MadLad3519d ago

Zelda II wasn't a bad game, but I would definitely call it the weakest of the series.

Stringerbell3518d ago

Bro those Phillips Cdi games. Never forget!

abzdine3518d ago

EyePet an Friends should be number one! that sequel is garbage the first one was amazing.

Prime1573518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Maio was still finding it's image and gameplay back then. I agree, I loved super Mario 2.

What a lot of people, probably even this author, don't realize is that this was doki doki panic that wasn't even originally supposed to come out on NES, but on famicom system.

deafdani3519d ago

Lol, Mario 2 is actually a damn good game, no matter if it was a reskin of another game. It's actually my favorite Mario game of the NES / SNES eras.

Not to mention that the author posted a Mario 1 picture, not a Mario 2 pic... and that "boss" that throws eggs isn't a boss, and it's Birdo (fun fact: it was incorrectly called "Ostro" in the end credits, if I remember correctly).

Anyway, the game it was "ripped off" from (Doki Doki Panic) was a Miyamoto game, and he had much more input on that game than the actual Mario 2 released in Japan (which we came to know as The Lost Levels). Because of this, it could be argued that the "rip off" was more of a Mario game than the true sequel. :P

Yodagamer3519d ago

Heck Doki Doki was actually started as a prototype of mario bros 2 and was canceled until they were instructed to use the characters they had in doki doki. So like you said it's more of a sequel. Mario Lost Levels was just an expansion pack imo.

Dasteru3519d ago

The Doki Doki version of Mario bros 2 is more a pre-release spin off, Lost levels is the true Mario bros 2 as was released in Japan. They only released the Doki doki one in NA because they thought Americans couldn't handle the difficulty of the actual Mario bros 2.

pkb793519d ago

yeah I cant believe people can make a living writing that dribble. And how could he be a Xbox fan who bought a ps2 for 'devil my cry' when that game was released in Aug 2001 and Xbox came out in Nov 2001? I smell bull shit.

Krimmson3518d ago

Not only that but also shows bad grammar.
"Duke Nukem should of made the list too."

Seriously, why do so many people mix should have and should of? Should of doesn't even make any sense.

SuicidalTendencies3518d ago

Agreed. The most hilarious part of the garbage article is that he considers Super Mario 2 a bad sequel only because he was a wuss and afraid of the game when he was younger. I played it when I was kid and loved it.

Mikefizzled3519d ago

God Hudson Soft brought out some dire games for the 360 early on. Bomberman Act Zero being the worst of the bunch.

MadLad3519d ago

Act Zero is an abomination to gaming.

LKHGFDSA3518d ago

leave it to an Xbox exclusive to be an abomination to gaming.

MadLad3518d ago

There are a many, many terrible games and Microsoft has nothing to do with it.

CrossingEden3518d ago

ffs, Some people just can't go two minutes without making a fanboy remark. -_-

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FFXVI’s Combat Proves It's Time For Another Capcom Remake

With Final Fantasy XVI committing fully to fast-paced action gameplay, it may finally be time for a new remake series of a classic Capcom franchise: Devil May Cry. As the franchise that essentially originated the particular style of 3D action combat that the upcoming Final Fantasy is making heavy use of, Devil May Cry could very well be due for a remake, or even a series of remakes, to address certain flaws and more dated aspects of its classic games, similarly to the popular modern remakes for Capcom's Resident Evil series.

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jambola157d ago

How can combat from one franchise be proof for a subjective opinion on another?

SeTTriP156d ago

Makes no sense to me either

lucian229156d ago

why in the hell would we need a remake of devil may cry when devil may cry 5 was great? We just need devil may cry 6 ; not a remake, enough with the remakes

jambola156d ago

Yeah I mean, no insult to the franchise but it's not like the story or location of the first was so top tier that we need to go back to it

lucian229154d ago

yeah rather progress with story where it is

Pepsi_Man3000156d ago

I'd much prefer we get new games that have such combat. Enough with the remakes. At least move forward if you want more of the same series