PlayStation Vita to Get “Over 100 Games” in 2014

Just like the PS4, Sony revealed today that the PlayStation Vita has “over 100 games” scheduled for release this year in North America, alongside the PlayStation Vita Slim Borderlands 2 bundle that will launch in North America (not just the US) this Spring for $199.99.

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DxTrixterz1711d ago

How many of them are not indie games. Let face it there haven't been any good games on PS Vita in the past 2 years and so far the line-up has been dissapointing just like Wii U's. Let's really hope PS Vita can get some good games this year.

SPARDA_4261711d ago

Im currently playing Soul Sacrifice, Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Tearaway, and the MGS collection. I dont know what you are talking about. PSVITA has some amazing games. Its only of time, that more amazing games come out.

BigFnHooters1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

And in addition to the ones you listed, for me amazing RPGs like Persona 4 Golden and the incredible graphics and replayability of Killzone: Mercenary for me.

Absolutely love Hot Shots Golf - still play that even though it came out long ago.

Also PSN games PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate and Malicious Rebirth.

The only thing I'm every worried about with my Vita is if I remembered to charge it I have so much to play on it.

cleft51711d ago

I already have a ton vita games to catch up on too, gotta love PS+, but I am happy to hear so many more games are coming to the Vita.

UltimateMaster1710d ago

How bout a dozen of AAA Exclusive Title that aren't remastered games?

Make a new GTA on Vita, a new Final Fantasy on Vita. Any game.

Muffins12231711d ago

tearaway and killzone came out for it last year and they where the best of the best,not only that the god of war and sly cooper collection and the ability to play mine-craft with ps4 users?Fucking awesome

Fz6soldier1711d ago

Plus uncharted, rayman, ps allstars, mortal kombat, little big planet, batman. yeah ok, it has no games. /S

Snookies121711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

As mentioned above, Soul Sacrifice, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Tearaway, Killzone Mercenaries, Persona 4 Golden, (I'm including this because it's a remaster with HD visuals and added content) and Disgaea 4 Return (Same deal as above, new stuff added.)... Then there are ones people didn't mention... Ys Celceta, Unit 13, Demon Gaze, Trigger Happy Havoc. This isn't even including Japanese exclusives that might be localized. (Freedom Wars for example.) All of these are just exclusives. This isn't taking into account all the really great games that are coming out simultaneously with other console releases. Deception IV, Conception II, Atelier series, Hyperdimension series, etc.

So, no good games huh? You can't honestly say not one of those appeals to you. Considering they're all so very different.

tubers1711d ago

I'm sure there'll at least be 10 but a larger chunk of that would probably be ports.

I'd gobble up a Complete Dragon Age: Origins VITA port tho (as long as the performance is reasonable).

hazeblaze1711d ago

That's a lie! I just bought a Vita in December and there are too many freaking games to play!

I got it mostly for remote play since I travel a lot on the job. ButThe truth is that I've been playing more Vita games than PS3 or PS4. The library actually reminds me a lot of what was so great about the PS2 library.

bothebo1711d ago

Agree how many of those games are gonna be crappy indie games that personally, I don't give a damn about and would rather have bigger games.

jakmckratos1711d ago

Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Littlebigplanet, Tearaway and Killzone are all pretty awesome dude. Soul Sacrifice is cool too and there's some good crossplay titles. I'd stfu if I were you. Wii U is poop next to Vita

SasukeX161711d ago

Why should it matter if it's an indie? It is still a game isn't it?

jspillen1711d ago

You are a troll...

Tearaway, Killzone Mercenary, Rayman Legends, Injustice, and Dragon's Crown were all excellent games released last year.

I could definitely go on.

chrisarsenalsavart1710d ago

Depending on what u re call good games.

joeorc1710d ago


'How many of them are not indie games'

So what if they are indie game's!, many indie games are fantastic, flower, flow, journey etc. prove's that budget invested into an ip does not = a level of what is a good game or what is not!


" Let face it there haven't been any good games on PS Vita in the past 2 years and so far the line-up has been dissapointing just like Wii U's. Let's really hope PS Vita can get some good games this year."

There is quite a problem in thinking that way, for instance the Unity 3D game engine, just went live for the PSVita and other Playstation platforms in late jan of this year!

even though Unity 3D went live for the WiiU much early than it has for playstations , many may say why would it help out the PSVita than it would for the WiiU.

Because the Unity 3D game engine is really set to make use of Arm Core Cortex processor's and those on board Arm powered Chips GPU's than it does for the WiiU, being that The WiiU is the only device that use's that the WiiU chipset.

While the PSVita, on the other hand has the same chipset slightly tweaked as the iPad 3's, even down to the iPad 3's GPU! that is exactly why The Unity 3D game engine has a much greater chance to help the PSVita than it does the WiiU.

That is what many i think still do not understand, the PSVita was designed just like the PS4, to be easy to include to development advance of more platforms for those iP's because they can cross develop for the PSVita like they already develop for the iPad 3!

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Wedge191711d ago

Exciting! Can't wait to see the true unlocked potential of this system, as well as the wider reception of it in the world.

dbjj120881711d ago

Probably a lot of small ones, but I can't wait to play the big games.

MajorGecko1711d ago

just give us a first person or 3rd person zombie survival game to complete the systems game collection

sawjiu1711d ago

I am waiting for Rainbow Skies and FFX/2.

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