PS3 with a 750GB hard drive?

Right about now, the other side of the world is basking under the glorious light of the PS3. It's already 11-11 in Japan; launch day for the lucky bastards, hehe. So, you can expect a lot of pics and coverage on this. (Y'know, pictures of people unpacking their own PS3 box, videos of people playing the console at home... Stuff that will generally make the rest of the world green with envy.)

So here are pictures of the official PS3 user guide. It's in Japanese and we can't quite make head nor tail out of it, but there are a few things worth noting here.

Replaceable SATA HDD: Remember when we showed you guys pics of the HDD drive bay? As you know, it's detachable and ultimately exchangeable with any 2.5" SATA HDDs. Sweet. So why not put in a 150GB or 250GB SATA HDD?

Imagine, a PS3 with a 750GB hard drive. English translations would be really helpful so we can know for sure if a beautiful monstrosity like a 750GB PS3 is truly possible.

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Weapon X4456d ago

Let's see MS build a patch / add-on / bolt-on for this!!! Goodbye MS.


HyperBear4456d ago

That would be soo intense. Have almost a terabyte of HDD. Thats insane. That means you could download everything off of PlayStation Store and still have about 500GB left to download stuff onto. It also means, every game you get, you can put 5GB of it on the HDD for faster loading times. THIS IS AWSOME.

HyperBear4456d ago

I dont know how that is lame, by possibly having 720GB more HDD than that of Xbox 360. So really how is that lame, when Sony is saying, you can put w/e 2.5" SATA HDD you want, whereas 360, you have to buy what M$ puts out so they can make their money?. Dont see how that is lame, but alright. And still even if not 750, still 150 beats the crap out of 20 anyday. Too Bad M$ didnt have this kind of idea, it would have made downloading a hell of a lot easier, without having to delte stuff you dont really want to delete, just to atch or play something else. Hmm, i dunno, I think its cool, but im sure your response to it being lame is resonable right?

THAMMER14456d ago

I currently have 9.7 gigs available on my 360 HDD. Mainly becuase I only keep down loaded movies and demos for like 3 - 4 days. The only demo I kept longer than a month is Lost planet.

If they offer a larger 360 Hdd it would be well eccepted because for some people it is needed. The PS3's 60 gig Hdd trumps any 20 gig HDD.

Gh0stDrag0n4456d ago

Try and find a 2.5" SATA hard drive over 200 gig! After a quick search, NewEgg has a 200 gig for $260.

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