That Elders Scrolls Online Beta After Thoughts

Kuma Wrote: This was my third experience with the Beta and finally found a way to talk about it without breaking the embargo. In that being said, please enjoy the read.

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kingdom181710d ago

I really enjoyed the beta, people were making it sound like it was so horrible. The gameplay was great and I liked the skill progression. Questing was fun for except for the bugs given this is the beta.

SavageKuma1710d ago

I had a blast and I have so much footage of the game, but waiting for the go ahead from Bethesda so I can show it off. There were a few glitches that annoyed me, one being when I was stuck in First person and couldn't move, so I had to log out and back in. The other was an assassin's mission where the area would not respawn the enemies to start or finish it.

kingdom181709d ago

I had that happen to me as well, strangely something similar has also occurred on Skyrim for me, but they were both resolved through drinking any potion. I can't wait for the next beta weekend, I didn't advance very far, only about level 5 on my sorcerer.

Darkwizard9041710d ago

Got to level 10, the more I leveled I felt like the more abilities and gear I got the combat really got into the swing of things. If the games end game can nail it, i think its going to be a pretty solid mmo. Vanilla WoW bigs? Maybe not, but a decent game to play.

kingdom181709d ago

I played a few hours on a trial of WoW, I could not enjoy it, didn't see what all the fuss was about. Although I have throughly enjoyed SWTOR, and FFARR. Although who knows, since it carries the name of Elder Scrolls it could go far, although I doubt it could go that big, I hope it doesn't actually, people don't need to become obsessed with it.