Resident Evil 5 - Stunning New Ultra Hi-res Scans From Famitsu

Here are the scans featured in famitsu along with brand new details from the game:

- A new trailer will be shown in the very near future.

- For now, Famitsu will show images and some info from one part of that trailer. (intro paragraph written by Takeuchi)

- There's a new female character, shown holding a shotgun and wearing a tank top and boots similar to the ones Jill wore in RE3.

- In addition to areas that make use of sunlight as a gameplay dynamic, there will be darker, shadow-filled areas as well, such as a cavern where Chris utilizes a flashlight. There will be an intense contrast between light and dark.

- Chris is shown using his knife, a sniper rifle above a bridge that's above a river, and of course the handgun.

- A few pieces of artwork are shown, such Chris fighting villagers near a crashed helicopter, that same helicopter flying amidst a smoke-filled sky, and Chris witnessing the helicopter being shot down. There's also some kind of garden in the cavern with a giant hole above it, allowing the sunlight in.

- Chris is shown holding a blond girl noticeably shorter than him in a building.

- A picture of a chainsaw and the right leg of its weilder is shown.

- Chris will be up against very powerful enemies once again, and this shot of some creature behind iron bars is reminiscent of Chris's previous enemies, such as CODE: Veronica's Nosferatu (although it was Claire who faced him) and the REmake's Lisa Trevor. Those two creatures were imprisoned at some point as well.

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decapitator4879d ago

This game will be mine at launch. Looks fantastic even though they are just scans.

sonarus4879d ago

Looks about the same as everything else they have been showing. Visuals aren't mind boggling but they are great. RE4 was a blast so lets hope RE5 is as well

Fishy Fingers4879d ago (Edited 4879d ago )

Scan 1 >
Scan 2 >
Scan 3 >
Scan 4 >

I have done that^ as the scans are not obviously located, there is a lot of information on the linked site, non of which is English. Hope that helps.

decapitator4879d ago

Wasn't...really necessary since I have already added them in the image tab above at the time of making this post but I guess it might be easier for others this way. Thanks.

Fishy Fingers4879d ago (Edited 4879d ago )

Oh sorry dude!

I didnt check the tab to be honest, your one of the very few contributors who bother to use it. Thanks and I wasn't trying to take anything away from your post :)

decapitator4879d ago

Its cool man, dont worry about a thing.

STARS4879d ago

This franchise has come a long way since it first captivated me back in 1996. I'm just hoping it can somehow release this year and not slip into 2009, but if Capcom really needs the extra time to make this game as great as RE4, I'm all for it. IMO, DMC4 was a very nice next-gen game and I'm hoping Capcom can take RE5 one step further.

basherdrog4879d ago

alternative source added..


too much over done bloom :( checkout the sky..

cant w8 for the game though. re4 was gooood..

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The story is too old to be commented.