Famitsu Reviews - Haze Scores and More

Here are the latest review scores from famitsu:

Haze (PS3, Ubisoft): 9 / 8 / 9 / 8 - (34/40)
The Orange Box (PS3/Xbox 360, EA): 9 / 7 / 9 / 9 - (34/40)
Stranglehold (Xbox 360, Success): 8 / 7 / 7 / 7 - (29/40)
Ochainu no Daibouken (NDS, Mto): 7 / 7 / 6 / 6 - (26/40)
Genmu no Tou to Tsurugi no Okite (NDS, Success): 4 / 6 / 6 / 6 - (22/40)
Pro Yakyuu Team o Tsukurou! (NDS, Sega): 9 / 8 / 8 / 8 - (33/40)
Narnia Kuni Monogatari Dai-2-Shou: Caspian Ouji no Tsunobue (NDS, Disney): 6 / 6 / 5 / 5 - (22/40)
Hercules no Eikou: Tamashii no Shoumei (NDS, Nintendo): 8 / 8 / 8 / 7 - (31/40)
Doubutsu Kisoutengai! (Wii, Success): 6 / 6 / 6 / 7 - (25/40)

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decapitator4789d ago

Damn, these are some pretty good scores for Haze. Wonder how the "Other" guys will review it.

paul_war4789d ago

Very good reviews indeed.

Just makes me wonder even more why they are not sending out review copies in time. Which is not ususally a good sign.

Massacre4789d ago

Great review here. I think am in the minority here but I loved the demo. Day one for me.

Hatchetforce4789d ago

Well let me join you in that minority. The naysayers are in large part non PS3 owners and those that did not run the demo at all. SOme still won't like it but it seems many players have been surprised. I was. The game doesn't shine until you go to hard difficulty and then it really comes into it's own.

decapitator4789d ago

Guys, dont leave me out. I loved it as well. I will be playing more later on in the day...:D

PS360WII4789d ago

title is kind of funny. How is 34/40 better than 34/40?

BeaArthur4789d ago

paul_war...the game is still not releasing for another week. It's not like GTA or MGS4 where it will sell a million copies the first day. It's a pretty big release but not a critically acclaimed sequel, so it's not that surprising that we haven't seen any reviews for it yet. We will probably see some reviews star to trickle in by the end of the week, which I am looking forward to because the reviews will probably determine whether I pick up the game or not.

gaffyh4789d ago

OMG I honestly thought haze was crap when I played the demo, I may wait for some video reviews to see what the full game is like, 34/40 is really really good.

paul_war4789d ago


It's just that a couple of UK mags have been out this week, both complaining that they haven't got review copies yet. Forcing them to review it next month, post game release.

I'm almost 100% going to buy this game, but I still want to know their reviews before I pick it up.

BeaArthur4789d ago

paul_war...well like I said, I wouldn't try to read too much into it. You will know whether or not to pick it up within the next few days. Maybe they were making some last minute adjustments so they couldn't get them a copy to review.

MrSwede4789d ago

Good call on the title PS360WII :). I totally missed it.

lukewind4789d ago

After playing the Haze demo I had no desire to ever play that game again. The gameplay was mediocre, the graphics were less then impressive, and the game just failed to impress me. I imagine a lot of people who never had a PC or 360 might find some fun in it because good shooters for them are few and far between, but from the demo I can see that Haze is just another cookie cutter shooter. If I run out of things to play I might give it a rent, but buying this game is out of the question.

sonarus4789d ago

lol how is it better lol. Plus you really can't judge such scores from a Japanese magazing. Famitsu scored Dark Sector very high (imo its a pretty good game) but when it hit America, the scores were pretty low

jwatt4789d ago

I think the only reason I would get it is to play it online.

shine13964789d ago

It seemed like the haze pr team were actually trying to lower the pr effort... I'm guessing ubisoft is going to push it though...It's free radical, concept's cool. all it's really missing is mind blowing graphics... I bet this would have been a superhit hyped massive game if the graphics were they could have been. I played the demo and it was well built. I tried to look for where they could have optimized it, like every game needs... and all I could find is that it needs to be a little racier...but I tell you what, the controls for me are much more natural then all the fps's out there...I wish it's sprinting was as quick as Cod4...

liquidsnake4789d ago

I thought the Haze demo was really cool.

joydestroy4788d ago

i hope it continues to get good reviews.

Sevir044788d ago (Edited 4788d ago )

Thats how i play all games now a days i skip the easy and normal settings. The AI is soo smart and while the graphics arent that i do remeber them saying that the demo on the PS store was a build from november and the latest screens really show that. either way i'm picking it up in a week or so, really good game and the nectar thing became like crack for me i couldn't get passed it without the nectar. LOL!!!

I especially liked how the friendly AI was when they overdosed ^^ it was pretty cool. i'm part of that minority who loves haze

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Hapimeses4789d ago

Haze scored as high as the Orange Box?


Maybe I'll think a little harder about getting it or now, now?

TheIneffableBob4789d ago

The console ports of The Orange Box were pretty bad. I'm surprised it got even a 34 out of 40.

Hapimeses4789d ago

Regardless of personal preference, the console versions still scored very well in the reviews, especially the 360 version. Hence my slight surprise here.


shine13964789d ago

orange box was one of the best games I've played in a long long time, and if a prestigious magazine is putting you on the same level as the orange box, I would be really proud.

I've moved from just about interested, i.e., rental only, too buying now...could be an experiance, between GTA4 and MGS4.

TheIneffableBob4789d ago

Yeah, the PC version of The Orange Box is amazing. I've put over 200 hours into Team Fortress 2 and have replayed Episode Two 4 times.

But the 360 version of TOB is really not that good.

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Corrupt4789d ago

Haze got the same score as The Orange Box.

juuken4789d ago

That's some damn good scores for Haze.

Hatchetforce4789d ago

Once people play it they see it is better than they expected. The issue of the scores is that simple. Had the game released last year it wold have had half that score. But the dev team managed to rectify a lot of issues in a short amount of time. The demo has been a blast to play.

juuken4789d ago

Damn papers and finals...I didn't have a chance to pay the demo.
Definitely trying it out tonight.

PoSTedUP4789d ago

the demo was awesome, you feel hype after you shoot up that nectar .

Adamalicious4789d ago

I played a few minutes of the demo last night - I was impressed by the controls and fluidity of gameplay. I haven't really been excited for this game, but I'm more likely to check it out after playing a bit of the demo. It's too bad it comes out between GTAIV And MGS4 as I probably won't have time to play it when it comes out - I think I'll be lucky to finish GTA by the time MGS comes out!