Rumor: Leaked Details for Sledgehammer’s 2014 Call of Duty

OnlySP: We very much dislike posting anonymous tips and will hardly ever do it unless there’s some real good credibility behind it. We were sent a tip back in December and have been sitting on it for a good long while, hoping that sometime soon there might be some extra credibility to support the anonymous tip. With the news coming out on Thursday that Sledgehammer would be developing and releasing the next Call of Duty in 2014, we decided to go ahead and post the tip we were sent. Please, take everything you read below with a huge grain of salt, we are simply passing on the completely unverified information we received, nothing more than that.

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ThatKanadianKid1710d ago

Hm, some of it sounds plausible. Don't know about Shepherd though...I mean, Captain Price survived, we thought he was long gong after MW. If they play it out like any other TV show or game, unless you see the character laid to rest or put another bullet in em to make sure they're dead, you never know. Personally, I kinda hope Shepherd returns, he was an enemy you really hated after events in MW2.

jimjam34421710d ago

if shephard is still alive thats completely lame, the amount of force it would take to throw a knife accurately would be much more than needed to go straight into his brain.

venom061710d ago

isn't it kinda stupid and pathetic that CoD comes out every year and it really isn't anything new from the previous CoD before it, but if BF came out every year, these same lame CoD fanboys would cry to high heaven about "oversaturation" and "genre fatigue"?????

oof461710d ago

As ludicrous as it sounds, it has happened in real life:

But, remember, this is a high octane fps. CoD lost any semblance of immersion for me when Soap was able to survive getting shot, stabbed and being in critical condition all while getting bombarded by an army and an attack helicopter.

Abdou0231710d ago

I would like a WWII game.

Beastforlifenoob1710d ago

Beutiful, I actually like the one that are history like black ops 1 and WAW. but MW1 was the best mw2 was good but mw3 is like ghosts Horse feces.

Hopefully its better than ghosts, ghosts was the biggest flop of COD if you ask me

UnholyLight1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )


Absolutely, Maybe if Sledgehammer has been passed the role of the Modern Warfare storyline IW can focus on returning to it's roots with a WWII shooter like you asked for. I think it's time, and I think they know it is time too. With the power of the new consoles they can really shake things up by bringing in an ultra realistic looking/feeling CoD set in WWII as the perfect reset button for the FPS genre!

Soulsaber1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

One slash kills anyone, while a knife throw to the eye doesn't. lol

venom061710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

tired of it

quaneylfc1709d ago

10 quid says it has mechs in it...

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jay21710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Fair enough. we'll see when COD 200,000,00000,000,000,00,00000 ,00,000 comes out.

jay21710d ago

How the f can people disagree? the stuff will be in the game or it won't be..........

zero_gamer1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

None of us will be alive when COD 200,000,00000,000,000,00,00000 ,00,000 comes out lol.

tigertron1710d ago

A new COD this year? well I never...

lets_go_gunners1710d ago

Unoriginal joke is unoriginal.

tigertron1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Well, if it's unoriginal, you can bet your bottom dollar it's unoriginal, just like COD.

NarooN1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )


At least his comment was still more original than CoD games are.

fonger081710d ago

So are COD titles just going to synonymous with sports titles now? You know instead of a team roster change every year, you might get a couple of new guns, and different dessert or war torn city to play in?

Shadonic1710d ago

Its been like that, I've even met some COD fanboys that say that.

zero_gamer1710d ago

Yep, Call of Duty is gaming's very own sport.

iiorestesii1710d ago

They should just change their name to George Orwell's 1984. Tonights matchup Eurasia vs Europa.

Baka-akaB1710d ago

Worse , even sports games got more changes and at least switch their graphics or physics engine once everywhile

corvusmd1710d ago

WEAK!!! I was actually excited to see Sledgehammer take a third of the COD world, but I was sick of the MW storyline, it was stupid that all the worlds' best forces kept dying but two SAS soldiers kept saving the just seemed like fake drama to Harry Potter, due to poor writing skills, in order to create quick fear and sense of hopelessness ...kill off everyone that could help win the battle. (Then maybe like HP after the series is all done and all the money has been made..."oh by the way CPT Price was gay the whole time").

I REALLY hope this rumor isn't true, and I hope that Sledgehammer does their own thing. This storyline was one of the things that made me want Sledgehammer to take over for IW instead of alongside it seems IW is onto a new storyline and SH may be picking up the crap one.