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With superb sound quality and a variety of useful features, the Steelseries H Wireless Gaming Headset is a great option and works on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4.

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MAULxx1708d ago

Sounds like a nice piece of gear and a worthy solution for picky audio lovers.
I would love to try them even though I can't afford a set right now.
I always try to steer clear of wireless headphones but having the 2 battery solution might be the solution. Right now I'm using a set of Skull Candy Roc Nation headphones and they do well as I only use them occasionally for late night gaming. Just plug them in th DS4 and go or plug them into my avr with a very long cord for anything else.

OwNizzleD1708d ago

They're very nice. I've had them since they came out to replace my astro a40s. They sound great and having the two batteries is very convenient. I haven't had any interference with them either which I was concerned about with a wireless headset.