Ubisoft financials point to 2015 delay for The Division

It's looking increasingly unlikely that Tom Clancy's The Division will make its 2014 release date after comments made by Ubisoft earlier today indicated that only five major titles - including The Crew, Watch Dogs, a new entry in the Just Dance series and two unannounced titles - are due to launch during the publisher's next financial year.

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Hellsvacancy1709d ago

I knew it was too ambitious

alexkoepp1709d ago

Pretty sure everyone saw this coming...

jay21709d ago

This, Watch_dogs 2, uncharted 4 (don't care what people say, it's not coming this year) kingdon come it's going to be a good little year for my PS4.

Ausbo1708d ago

If you think watch dogs 2 is coming in 2015, you are nuts

SaturdayNightBeaver1709d ago

I knew it, i even said it! Damn it..

Crazay1709d ago

f..k! that suck moose knuckle. I really want this in my system.

iamneo1709d ago

the guys at massive said a while back in an interview that it wasnt coming out this year. they sasid they were barely half finished with an already huge complex game so no 2014. was i the only ont that read the article? LMAO

MrSword1709d ago

Can you link me the article, please?

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The story is too old to be commented.