Tony Swatton Forges the Elite’s Energy Sword from Halo

AWE me has put out the latest Man at Arms episode, and this time around master blacksmith Tony Swatton forges the iconic energy sword from the Halo franchise.

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porkChop1768d ago

That looks nothing like the real energy sword...

Lon3wolf1768d ago

Is there such a thing as a "real" energy sword?

Looks good to keep it in the realms of actually being wield-able with one hand.

Lord_Sloth1768d ago

Shy of inventing Energy projection it's impossible to get an exact replica.

godofboobees1768d ago

Because the technology of the halo universe exist to forge such a weapon right?

porkChop1768d ago

Guys... I'm not talking about the material/colour. Are you guys blind? Look at the damn shape of it, it looks completely different to the shape of the actual energy sword from the games. This seems more like a cheap knockoff rather than a replica.

JAT23041768d ago

YEAHHHHH someone else saw that!! I would hate to buy anything from these person, if this is how he "forges" anything.

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JAT23041768d ago

WTF IS THIS! Really, this is garbage, its a lop-sided POS. HAHA wield it with one hand....yeah

WeedyOne1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Is it perfect? No. Is it still pretty bad ass? Yes.

I didn't like how the blades moved around when he was using it, seems that would throw the balance off badly. He should have used thicker steal, made the base wider and had the blades tapered to a sharper point at the end.

Still a cool project though.

JAT23041768d ago

It Would be BAD ASS if it was well made. The close up shot showed just how much the blades were off! Yes I was laughing when they sliced with blade wobbling.

cyclindk1768d ago

I wonder how much Coca Cola paid them to slice up a Mountain Dew bottle... (Pepsi Co.)