Konami Veterans Take Steampunk Adventure game Blackmore to Kickstarter

Rely on Horror: Published on Kickstarter several days ago was Blackmore: A Steampunk Adventure Game. Blackmore hopes to bring the world a Victorian Era point-and-click adventure game with Western and Eastern influences. Directed by Jeremy Blaustein (writer and translator for Metal Gear Solid, the Silent Hill series, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night), Blackmore tells the story of Emma Honda-Blackmore, a half-Japanese woman living in 1888 London...

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Lucreto1714d ago

Jonas Blackmore – Voiced by David Hayter

See a few people backing it just because of that.

thereapersson1714d ago

Hrm... 1888? Konami's version of The Order?

Lucreto1714d ago

No, more like Broken Age

Arsenic131714d ago

Konami has nothing to do with the game. The staff are former Konami people.

sdozzo1714d ago

Baltimore Zoo = drunk