The Walking Dead creator talks video game and TV show crossover

After the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead aired in the US last night, creator Robert Kirkman has spoke about the possibility of a TV series and video game crossover.

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Shad0wRunner1763d ago

I've always wondered if they would do this: Integrate Lee and Clem into the tv show...or Rick & friends into the game.

This kinda crossover, would be awesome...if done right.

ceballos77mx1763d ago

Clementine on the tv show would be amazing.

JCENAdaBest1763d ago

After this talk please talk about an improvement in graphics and actual gameplay choice! The artstyle is fine but overall the graphics are like PC games out of a cereal box and the amount of choice you actually have is quite pitiful.

jon12341763d ago

Graphical improvements on a game like this? That's as good as it's going to get, besides, quit complaining, play season then play try season 2, there's your graphical improvements

DC7771762d ago

Just glad they left the prison it was getting boring.